Army Medicine

Army medicine has come a long way recently. Learn about medical specialties in the Army and the medical equipment and procedures medics use.

What exactly is an Army flight medic?

Army flight medics are part of any successful military evacuation (Medevac), and they may mean the difference between life and death for injured soldiers. What exactly is an Army flight medic, and what does one do?

How to Get Army Scholarships for Medical School

Deciding to attend medical school is a serious decision and commitment of time and money. It’s not surprising that many students seek out ways to buffer this burden. Some seeks loans or scholarships, while others turn to the Army.

10 Ways Army Doctors Prevent Troop Illnesses

On the battlefield, something as simple as the flu can spell disaster for soldiers, and they often face much more exotic pathogens. Thus, one of a U.S. Army doctor's main goals is preventing troop illness. But how?

What equipment do Army combat surgeons have?

In the late 19th century, combat doctors often didn't have more than a tent as a makeshift hospital, with few lifesaving instruments or medicines available. Field medicine has come a long way since then, so what equipment do Army surgeons use today?

Do Army doctors and medics carry weapons?

Army combat medics and doctors aren't just trained to save lives in a combat zone; they're also trained soldiers. So do they carry weapons like other soldiers do?

Are Army medics and doctors on the front lines?

In the U.S. Army, new enlistees who want to save lives may find their calling as medics, and seasoned doctors pledge years of their life to saving men and women in uniform. But are Army medics and doctors on the front lines? Do they face enemy fire?