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Emotions can give us feelings of euphoria, drive us temporarily insane or make it impossible for us to get out of bed. Emotions are extremely powerful forces that we should study so that we can look at them objectively.

Anger Management: Control Your Temper By Avoiding These 4 Foods

Tempers run in my family and it's not something to be proud of. Blowing your lid is often something you end up regretting later.

The Upside of Anger:  It's a Strong Emotion, But Not Always a Bad One

One expert calls anger a source of creative juice. Here's why. See more »

Honesty and Profanity Are Surprising Bedfellows

You’d think that someone who curses up a storm might be dishonest and bad news all around. A new study finds that the opposite may be true. See more »

Which Country Is the Most Empathetic? (Hint: It's Not the U.S.)

The results of a worldwide survey on empathy are in and it's full of surprises. See more »

The Unexpected Reason Why the Smartest People Are OK With Alone Time

Understanding prehistoric societies explains why most people are happiest in small groups — but some of us break from the norm with cities and solitude alike. See more »

There's an Evolutionary Reason Humans Developed the Ability to Feel Shame

Most animals don't feel shame, but humans do. Why would we evolve something that causes us pain, stress and discomfort? See more »

The Human Heart Can Literally Burst With Joy, New Research Finds

Time to start taking "OMG OMG my heart's literally gonna explode" seriously. A new study shows "broken heart syndrome" has a happy – but still tragic – flip side. See more »

How to Tell When Somebody's About to Stab You in the Back

The threat of betrayal looms in all relationships. Wouldn't it be nice to know when it's coming? See more »

Fear: Your Memory's Worst Enemy

Those vivid memories you have of traumatic moments? Fear may have made them less accurate than you think. See more »

Be Happy: 5 Natural Mood-Boosters

These five natural mood boosters can provide instant happiness. Learn how music, meditation and other things can improve your mood and let you be happy See more »

Anger Management 101

Approximately, sixteen million Americans have anger issues. In this article we explore anger management techniques and it's effect on your health. See more »