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Marriage is intended to be a lifelong commitment, but more and more marriages today end in divorce. Learn about creating a marriage that will last with advice from professional experts and personal anecdotes.

Love and Sex After Children: How to Keep the Flame Alive

Caring for children can be both physically and emotionally draining, and that can have a negative effect on the love and romance in your marriage. Learn how to keep the fire going after you've had kids.

Why So Many Married Couples Look Alike

It's not your imagination that a lot of married couples look like each other. A new study explains why. See more »

The Two Months That See the Most Divorce Filings

Year after year, there are two months where people file for divorce the most. But why? A new study has an interesting explanation. See more »

How strong is your marriage?

How strong is your marriage? Test the strength of your marriage by taking this 22-question relationship quiz developed by Dr. Gottman. See more »

Is there such a thing as the seven-year itch?

You hear the phrase "seven-year itch," and might recall the iconic image of Marilyn Monroe. Sure, "The Seven Year Itch" was a popular film, but is there any validity to the notion that a married person gets the urge to cheat or leave the marriage after seven years? See more »

Left at the Altar: 10 Reasons He Got Cold Feet

Being left at the altar is a humiliating and confusing experience for any bride. If her fleeing groom didn't even give her the courtesy of a reason why, we can help with our list of possible reasons for those cold feet. See more »

10 Dating Ideas for Married Couples

Passionate relationships take work -- and the energy that you put in is often what you get in return. Here are some fun ways to inject romance into your marriage. See more »

Top 10 Marriage Myths

With nearly half of all marriages ending in divorce, many couples are starting to re-evaluate their relationships. But before you start any heady analysis, it's important to know the facts from the myths when it comes to marriage. See more »

Surviving Your Mate's Midlife Crisis

Your husband used to be your rock — upright and honest — but lately has become a selfish scoundrel. Learn about why he's going through a midlife crisis and what you can do to make sure your marriage survives. See more »

Love, Marriage and Relationships: A Teen Perspective

Marriage is a hot topic, and part of defining when it is socially accepted to get married or to predict how long a marriage will last is to look at teen marriage. Get a different perspective of marriage through a teenager in this article. See more »

Sharing the Burden: Tips for Dividing Household Responsibilities With Your Spouse

While men are helping with chores and children more than ever, research also shows that women are still doing most of the work. Learn how to divide household responsibilities with your spouse. See more »