Allergy Basics

There are many types of allergies and allergic reactions. Get a basic overview of allergies, your immune system and why some people are more susceptible to allergies than others.


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Can high blood pressure cause eye allergies?

High blood pressure does not always have symptoms until the condition becomes severe. Learn if high blood pressure can cause eye allergies in this article.

Can swollen eyes be a sign of eye allergies?

Eye allergies are common in springtime or as a result of indoor allergens. Learn if swollen eyes can be a sign of eye allergies in this article.

How long does anaphylaxis last?

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening condition caused by allergic reactions. Learn how long anaphylaxis lasts in this article.

Can anaphylaxis cause inflammation in your joints?

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening allergic response. Learn whether anaphylaxis can cause inflammation in your joints in this article.

What are the differences between cold symptoms and allergy symptoms?

Cold symptoms and allergy symptoms can look similar, but there are some ways you can tell them apart. Learn the differences between cold symptoms and allergy symptoms in this article.

Why do your nasal allergies flare up when you drink?

Allergies to alcohol can cause rhinitis. Find out more about how alcohol causes nasal congestion from this article.

Can allergies cause wheezing?

Allergies can cause wheezing, among other symptoms. Learn whether allergies can cause wheezing in this article.

How do allergies affect the eyes?

Allergies can affect your eyes, nose, breathing and stomach. Learn how allergies affect the eyes in this article.

Nasal Allergies

Nasal allergies affect many people and can be caused by many different things. Learn about the causes, treatments and types of nasal allergies.

10 Allergy Myths

As if suffering from an allergy isn't bad enough, many people plagued by allergies also have to sort out lots of conflicting evidence and erroneous advice. To set the record straight, here are some of the most common myths about allergies.

Allergies in Children

Puppies, pollen, peanuts -- these are common triggers for allergic reactions in kids with wonky immune systems. How could a kitten cause a kid's antibodies to go into overdrive?

Allergies and Immune System

Allergies and your immune system are closely related to one another. Find out how your immune system can make you more susceptible to contracting an allergy.

Types of Nasal Inflammation

You may have more than one type of nasal inflammation, which can be caused by allergies or other conditions or irritants. See symptoms for different types of nasal inflammation to learn more.

Nasal Allergies Overview

The allergies overview includes information on the causes, signs, symptoms, treatment, and medications for allergies. Learn all about allergies with the information inside this guide.

Allergy Information and Support

Allergy information and support can help you manage and treat your seasonal allergies. Take a look at what we have gathered for you here on allergies.

Allergy Prevalence

Allergy prevalence can differ by country, food and by person to name a few. Check out why allergy prevalence has been increasing over the years and what factors are contributing to this rise in allergy symptoms.

Allergy Symptoms

One common type of symptom for a nasal allergy is a runny nose. Learn more about nasal allergies and their symptoms with the information that we gathered for you here.


Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction where symptoms can show up in a matter of minutes or even seconds. Be prepared for an emergency like this by reading this article.

Avoid Allergy Triggers

One of the best ways to keep allergy free is avoiding allergy triggers. Learn more about allergy triggers and what you can do to elude them.

What causes allergies?

Allergies are an interesting condition that usually requires medication or a specialist to treat their symptoms. Learn more about what causes allergies.

Conditions Related to Allergies

The conditions related to allergies can be very different from one another. Learn more about the relationship between the conditions and an allergy with the help of the information inside this article.

How to Prevent Allergies

Preventing an allergy is just as important as treating one. Learn more about the steps that you can take to avoid contracting allergy with the helpful tips inside this article.

Medical Conditions That Can Mimic Allergies

What you think might be an allergy could be a more serious medical condition. Find out what you can do if an allergy seems to be more than just an allergic reaction.

Other Allergy Triggers

What are allergy triggers and how can identify them? Learn more about what can set an allergy off with the helpful information inside this article.

Risk Factors for Allergies

The risk factors associated with allergies are different for every person. Learn all about the risk factors that allergies can create to better prepare for an allergy.