Allergy Treatments

Nose sprays, oral medication, immunotherapy, supplements -- which allergy treatment is best for you? Read about the different allergy treatment options to get informed.

New approach to treating allergies involves hiding allergen in friendly shell so immune system doesn't attack it.

Sometimes life-threatening, sometimes just inconvenient, allergies won't ever win a popularity contest. While we can't eliminate them, we may be able to reduce them through a simple household trick: hand-washing the dishes!

Avoid being outdoors as much as possible during the spring if you suffer from allergies. Find out more about treating springtime allergies from this article.

Anaphylaxis is a life-threatening condition that can be triggered by allergies. Learn what epinephrine does for anaphylaxis in this article.

There are some treatments available for those with penicillin allergies. Find out more about treatment for penicillin allergies from this article.

Nasal steroids are generally safe and do not trigger allergic reactions. Find out more about nasal steroids from this article.

Amoxicillin belongs to the same family of drugs as penicillin. Learn about amoxicillin allergy symptoms in this article.

Hay fever is caused by airborne pollen. Learn whether there are any treatments for hay fever in this article.

Anaphylaxis is a potentially life-threatening condition caused by an allergic reaction. Learn what you should do if you have an anaphylactic reaction in this article.

Doctors have a few ways to determine whether you suffer from allergies. Learn which allergy test applies test extracts of suspected allergies to a patient's skin in this article.

There are four basic types of nasal spray. Learn whether nasal spray will help ward off allergies in this article.

Allergy shots are meant to desensitize allergy sufferers. Learn whether you can get allergy shots if you're allergic to mold in this article.

Seek medical treatment for an allergic reaction to penicillin. Find out what allergy medicines you can take for an allergy to penicillin from this article.

Allergy immunotherapy is like getting a series of vaccinations for your allergies. Find out if immunotherapy is best for you and what is involved with the treatment.

Allergies are most often hereditary. Learn at what age you can do an allergy skin test in this article.

Flushing the sinuses can be very therapeutic for those suffering from acute or chronic nasal congestion or allergies. Learn the proper method for sinus flushing.

Staving off seasonal sniffles with hot tea might be more effective than you realize, especially if you drizzle some honey in your cup. At least one study has shown that honey combats allergies.

Allergy medication can be used to treat most every type of allergy. Find out how allergy medications can ease your symptoms and get you back on the healthy track.

If you don't know what kind of allergy you are suffering from, it might be time to go and visit a doctor for an allergy test. Find out what an allergy test can reveal about your health in this article.

There are many different types of allergies that a person can contract from food, pets or plants. Check out the allergy treatment options and the benefits that they can give you.

Sometimes an allergy will take more than just a dose of medication to ease the symptoms. Find out the benefits and options an allergy strategy can give you.

Alternative allergy treatments can help treat some common allergies and their symptoms. Learn more about what an alternative allergy treatment can do for you.

Antihistamines are commonly used to treat the symptoms associated with an allergy. Find out about the benefits of what an antihistamine can do for your allergy symptoms.

Sometimes simple lifestyle changes can cure allergy symptoms. Learn what you can do to your lifestyle to treat allergies.

Choosing an allergy specialist is an important step in identifying and treating an allergy. Check out what you need to know about searching for the right allergy specialist.