Skin Moisturizing Basics

Skin moisturizing basics include product recommendations and application tips. Learn more about skin moisturizing basics at HowStuffWorks.

5 Skin Moisture Zappers

You cleanse, exfoliate and moisturize regularly. Not only that, you also buy high-end creams and cleansers. So why is your skin constantly dry? Sometimes, you have to tackle the problem from the inside out.

Quick Tips: Can moisturizing reduce puffiness in your face?

There are many ways to reduce puffiness in your face, but first you have to determine the cause. Learn how moisturizer can reduce puffiness.

Should you put moisturizer or sunscreen on your face first?

If you have fair skin, it's smart to wear both sunscreen and moisturizer. But which do you put on first? Use this order to apply sunscreen and moisturizer

How to Treat Red Skin on Your Face

Red skin on your face can be embarrassing and hard to treat. Learn what causes red skin on the face and safe, surefire ways you can cure it.

Quick Tips: Do Face Creams Increase Histamine?

Writers Face creams can cause unwanted reactions to those with sensitive skin. But do they increase histamine. Learn how face creams affect histamine levels

5 Reasons the Skin on Your Face Might Be Peeling

If your face is peeling, there may be many culprits, including dry or damaged skin or a more serious skin condition. Find out why your skin is peeling

How to Treat Dry, Flaky Skin on Your Face

Dry skin on your face can be frustrating. Luckily we found easy ways to treat and moisturize dry skin on your face. Steal our skin-soothing remedies Meta Keywords: dry skin on face, how to treat dry skin, dry skin remedies, dry skin treatment

How to Remove Dead Skin from Your Face

Exfoliating your face is the easiest way to remove dead skin. But the skin on your face is sensitive, so follow our exfoliation tips to remove dead skin.

How can I prevent red skin on my face?

Red skin, including annoying spots, rashes and blotches, is common and often easy to cure. Learn how to prevent red skin on your face and body

How to Smooth Out Rough Skin on Your Face

Turn rough skin on your face to smooth skin with our healthy skin smoothing tricks. You'll never have to worry about rough skin again!

How to Stop Skin from Peeling on Your Face

Stop peeling skin on your face with our dermatologists' proven skin care tips. No matter what the cause, there's a cure for peeling skin.