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Diet & Aging

Diet and Aging are closely linked, so you can reduce signs of aging with good habits. Ready to learn how?

How to Eat Right as a Senior

Seniors need fewer calories, so making the right food choices is more critical than ever. Seniors may actually gain weight from attempting to get nutrients from their diet if the proper choices aren't made. Read this article to find out how to eat right as a senior.

Can you prevent heart disease with holiday foods?

Your holiday menu would probably seem bare without the traditional (but fattening) favorites. But if your heart is already fluttering in anticipation, add a few superfoods to the mix. See more »

Top 5 Anti-aging Vitamins

While there's no stopping Father Time, there are steps you can take to delay some of the less desirable effects he has on your appearance and your health. One has to do with nutrition -- which vitamins can help you fight aging? See more »

Healthy For a Lifetime

Staying healthy for a lifetime all depends on making good daily decisions. Learn about how to stay healthy for a lifetime. See more »

How to Live to 100 -- and Beyond

Are you wondering how to live to 100 -- and beyond? Learn how to live to 100 -- and beyond -- with simple diet tips. See more »

Recharge Your Body

It's never too late to recharge your body for healthy aging. Learn how to recharge your body. See more »

The Truth About Stay-Young Strategies: Which Ones Work, Which Are Worthless

Are you wondering about the truth about stay-young strategies? Learn which ones work and which ones are worthless. See more »

Your Basic Health Maintenance Plan

What should you include in your basic health maintenance plan? Learn about creating your basic health maintenance plan. See more »

Should I cut back on alcohol as I age?

The marriage of age and alcohol is usually an issue of taste, as we wonder whether a wine was properly aged or how long a whiskey matured in its cask. Here's a new question: Can people be too old to drink? See more »

Should I drink a glass of wine each day to prevent aging?

Oenophiles can breathe -- and drink -- easy. Why? Research has shown that a substance found in wine called resveratrol can help extend lives. But is it too good to be true? See more »

How can some of the world's oldest people also lead unhealthy lives?

Wanna live a long and healthy life? You might as well knock back the booze and smoke 'em if you got 'em -- it turns out the key to longevity lies in the genes. See more »