Home Remedies

Home remedies have become an increasingly popular alternative to traditional medicine. Find home remedies for common medical problems you can use to treat everything from minor ailments to diseases like asthma and diabetes.

How to Cure Diarrhea

To cure diarrhea, it's important to replace the fluids and salts your body has lost. Learn how to cure diarrhea in this article.

There are many products and treatments you can use at home to treat nasal congestion. Find out more about home remedies for nasal congestion from this article.

10 Home Remedies for Insomnia

These 10 home remedies for insomnia can help you get back on track with a good night's sleep. See how to sleep better with these home remedies.

5 Lemon Juice Remedies for Sores, Burns and Fevers

Who knew lemons had so many uses? Learn 5 remedies for everyday ailments using juice from this fantastic fruit.

Home Remedies Image Gallery

These home remedy pictures cover some of the most common ailments and some easy new remedies you can try at home. Learn more about home remedies.

5 Family Home Remedies

When the common cold or other minor ailments strike you down your first line of defense may be in your own home. Try out these home remedies and you may not have to get a prescription.

13 Techniques to Cure the Hiccups

Have you ever tried holding your breath, drinking water upside down or another bizarre method of getting rid of the hiccups? See our list of 13.

There are a number of home remedies for migraine pain relief that can help abate the debilitating pain. Learn how feverfew can help treat migraines.

There are a number of home remedies to maintain reproductive health. Learn how natural cures like vitex can promote reproductive health.

Osteoarthritis leads to uncomfortable or disabling joint pain, but home remedies for osteoarthritis pain relief can help.