10 Ways You Can Tell If a Girl Likes You

She Gets Indirectly to The Point

You and your object of affection technically speak the same language. "Technically" being the operative word. You use words from the same mental dictionary, but your method of conversing can be totally different. It's a frustrating, research-proven fact [source: Tannen]. It also gives you reason to be hopeful.

If she's angry with you, the direct interpretation is "she hates me." If she jabbers like a bird in a tree, you might assume "she's interested in everything but me." But consider that maybe, just maybe, her talkativeness is a sign that she trusts you and enjoys getting closer to you by sharing a multitude of information [source: Tannen].

Her anger could indicate that she wants something more from your relationship but you're not getting it. It would be nice if she grabbed your face, told you how much she likes you and planted a big ol' kiss on your mug. That level of directness can happen, but, odds are she'll make her point indirectly. You've just got to listen and interpret it in a way you're probably unaccustomed to.