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Is beach tanning worse than just being outside?

If you've ever experienced a sunburn, chances are it happened at the beach. What is it about the beach that makes us susceptible to sun damage? Is there more to it than the fact that most beach locales are hot?

Is everyday sun exposure still dangerous?

Although most people slather on the sunscreen at the beach, you might not think that brisk walk through the park is a dangerous thing. But if you don't cover up and protect your skin, the sun's UV rays could still prove harmful.

Is it safe to tan while pregnant?

Is it safe to tan while pregnant? Visit HowStuffWorks to learn whether or not it is safe to tan while pregnant.

Is there a safe amount of sun?

There's no doubt that sunshine can be good for us -- it provides our bodies with essential nutrients and makes us feel happy. But too much exposure can wreak havoc on our skin. How long can we linger in the sun before putting ourselves at risk?

Should I use a different sunscreen on my face?

Whenever you step outside into the sunlight, it's always a good idea to lay the sunscreen on thick. But depending on your type of skin, you might not want to slather it everywhere.

Top 5 Sunscreens for Athletes

Whether you love to work up a sweat on the court, field, green or in the pool, you have one thing in common with your fellow athletes: major sun exposure. What are five things to look for when choosing a sunscreen that will play as hard as you do?

Does homemade sunscreen really work?

Mixing your own sunscreen might save you some cash. But are there ingredients you can include to make sure it's as effective as the store-bought stuff?

Does tanning lotion work?

Does the idea of getting a tan without having to actually sit out under the hot, baking sun appeal to you? If so, maybe you've considered tanning lotions. But how do sunless tanners actually work, if they work at all?

How dangerous are tanning beds?

We've known for a while that a suntan is not exactly a healthy glow. And now we're learning that tanning beds -- once touted as a safer alternative to the sun -- are more dangerous than we thought.

How does the sun affect people with dark complexions?

It's common knowledge that sun exposure can cause sunburns and even skin cancer. But does the sun affect dark-skinned people the same way it affects people with lighter complexions?

How does the sun affect healing scars?

There are numerous ways to get rid of unsightly scars, but did you know that sun exposure can actually make healing scars more noticeable?

How fast can I get sunburned without protection?

Nobody likes getting sunburned -- peeling skin and red, itchy patches can ruin a weekend before you know it. And if it's happened without sunscreen, you may be in for even more pain. How long does it take for unprotected skin to burn?

Top 10 Sunscreens for Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, the idea of putting on creamy, pore-clogging sunscreen might be enough to make you weigh the risk of sunburn instead. Fear sunscreen no more -- you just need to know what to look for.

What are the active ingredients in sunscreen?

Sunscreen protects your skin from sun damage, but what makes it work? And what's the difference between sunscreen and sunblock?

What are the different types of sunscreen?

You know you should wear sunscreen to protect yourself from sun damage, but with so many different sunscreens and sunblocks on the market, how do you know which one is right for you?

What kind of sunscreen do you put on a baby?

Sunscreen is generally considered a good thing -- after all, we all need protection from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. What kind of sunscreen can you use on babies? Can you use it on infants at all?

Top 10 Sunscreens for Sensitive Skin

Thick, greasy sunscreen lotions may trigger an acne breakout for people with sensitive skin. But you've got to protect yourself against harmful rays. Which formulas should you choose?

Could I be allergic to sunscreen?

Sunscreen, our top defense from the sun's UV rays, can irritate some people's skin. Find out what steps to take if you have a sunscreen allergy.

Can vitamins protect my skin from the sun?

Some vitamins serve to protect and repair your skin from the inside out. But can they actually prevent sunburns?

Why do freckles come out in the sun?

If you have freckles, you've probably noticed that they're more prominent after a day in the sun. What's the connection between sunshine and freckles?

Do sunscreen pills really work?

If you're running a marathon, swimming the English Channel or spending a whole day doing sweaty yard work, reapplying sunscreen probably isn't at the top of your priority list. Can sunscreen pills help you?

Does sun exposure heal acne?

You may have heard of the free, readily available acne remedy: the sun. Unfortunately, this is one acne treatment you probably shouldn't try.

What do SPF numbers mean?

When sunscreen with SPF 70 hits the market this summer, you might be tempted to slather it on and bake. Before you do, learn what SPF numbers really mean.

How do sunless-tanning products work?

How do sunless-tanning products work? Which is the most effective: self-tanning lotions or tanning pills?

What is sunburn?

Sunburn is dangerous and painful, but what is happening in your skin cells as they react to sunlight and UV rays?