Skin and Your Lifestyle

Skin and lifestyle are very closely related. Learn how your lifestyle can affect your skin at HowStuffWorks.

The American Academy of Pediatrics weighs in for the first time on the safety of tattoos and piercings for teenagers.

A tattoo artist created 18 pieces of art inspired by the James Webb Space Telescope. Our Fw:Thinking host Jonathan Strickland now sports one of them on his back.

A startup is developing a nonpermanent tattoo that can be applied with the same technique and equipment that traditional tattoo artists use. You could snag one in 2017.

Blackout tattoos were once reserved for things like covering up the name of your short-lived (but very passionate) crush you had inscribed on your body. No longer.

A new study indicates having lots of tats might mean a healthy immune system.

A recent study of U.S. college students found that women with four or more tattoos had higher self-esteem than female participants with fewer or no tattoos. Who knew?

Tattoos are often colorful with vivid inks. But a red, oozing staph infection? Talk about your worst nightmare. Can a life-changing experience suddenly turn into a life-threatening one?

Patients with serious medical needs typically wear bracelets to alert paramedics. But some people are replacing their bracelets with something new -- a tattoo.

Birth control prevents pregnancy and can have all kind of effects on your body. But do you know what it can do for your skin?

Body art, such as a tattoo, is a terrific way to express your individuality, but it's permanent, and there are some risks -- especially for your skin.

Stress can trigger a host of physical ailments, including blemishes on our skin. But there are ways to win the battle against high anxiety.

Lipstick, soda and bandages share this common ingredient. As disturbing as it may sound, toothpaste, glue and baked goods include the same helpful component, too. But, what are parabens, anyway?

What type of skin you're born with is determined by your DNA, but you still have plenty to say in how you care for it -- and how confident you are in it.

Air and water pollution are a fact of life, and each can have an impact on the health of your skin. However, there are steps you can take to limit the effects on your skin.

It's natural to approach healthy skin from the outside. But improving skin health from the inside via vitamins could give you the results you want. Do you know the top five to consider?

Maintaining a youthful and healthy body is a quality of life issue. That means that you put good, tasty and beneficial things into your body, and the five items on our list are a great place to start.

Get fast facts on tattoos, and learn how tattoos are created and how they can affect skin.

We expose our skin to the elements on a daily basis. Most people follow a skin care regimen, but what can you do when you have to travel light while backpacking?

Insect repellents work by spending hours in contact with your skin. Can these chemicals that insects find so repulsive possibly be OK for your skin?

The contents of modern products, from toothpaste to shampoo, can sometimes make you feel like you need a degree in chemistry to identify them. What do the tongue-twisting parabens listed on the label do?

Tattoos, like other types of body art, are a common form of self-expression. If you've ever considered getting one, though, some concerns may have crossed your mind. That needle, for instance, pricking your skin and marking it with dye -- is it safe?

Stretch marks may seem unavoidable during pregnancy. After all, up to 90 percent of pregnant women get them. But there are ways to minimize their appearance.

Finding breakouts on your skin might make you feel self-conscious. But do other people really notice them as much as you do?

With diets that are rich in fruits and veggies, many vegetarians seem to be healthier overall than some non-vegetarians. But how much does this lifestyle translate to skin health?

For years, research has attributed birth control with acne-clearing powers. But is clear skin worth the side effects that can come with some oral contraceptives?