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Why Do Bruises Change Colors as They Heal?

It's super-weird that a bruise changes from deep purple to green to yellow during the healing process. What causes this?

Midnight Snacks Could Lead to … Sunburn?

Researchers from University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center have made a connection in mice between late-night eating and an increased risk of sunburn.

How Itches Work

Although everyone itches, the reasoning behind it has puzzled scientists for decades. They're also trying to figure out why scratching an itch relieves it — and feels so good.

Scientists Can't Stop Scratching the Itch

And now they've discovered the neural pathway in mice that's responsible for mechanical itching.

Do vegetarians have smellier sweat than omnivores?

Some people think of vegetarians as "stinky." But does that stereotype have any basis in fact, and is it due solely to their plant-based diets?

How Can Skin Be Oily Yet Dry?

Combination skin can be oily in some areas by dry in others, making moisturizing and cleansing a problem. Learn how to treat combination skin.

How to Wash Combination Skin

Is your skin oily yet dry at the same time? You have combination skin! We'll help you find the right products to wash combination skin.

Quick Tips: Are petroleum-based face creams good for sensitive skin?

Petroleum-based moisturizers are safe to use and inexpensive. But is it good for sensitive skins? Learn the pros and cons of petroleum-based moisturizers.

What is The Difference Between the Skin On Your Face and Your Body?

Skin on your face and skin on your body are very different. Learn how they vary and the best ways to get healthy skin on your face and your body

How Can You Treat Oily Skin on Your Face?

Treating oily skin can be frustrating, but ignoring it could lead to acne. There are simple ways to treat oily skin without losing your glow.

5 Common Causes of Skin Irritations on the Face

Skin irritations on your face, like rashes and welts, can be embarrassing. Learn the usual causes of skin irritations and how to get rid of them quickly Meta Keywords: skin irritations, skin irritation on face, skin rashes, welts, redness on face

How to Do an Honest Skin Assessment

Doing an honest skin assessment can help you determine your skin type and protect you from skin cancer. Here's how to perform an honest skin assessment

5 Reasons Sugar Hurts Your Skin

You may like sugar, but your skin doesn't. This kitchen staple can cause big skin problems. See why cutting out sugar helps your skin care routine.

5 Things to Know About Thin Skin

Bruise easily? You may have thin skin – a common problem associated with aging. Learn what causes thin skin and how to prevent it.

Quick Tips: Does taking an aspirin daily affect your skin?

While daily aspirin therapy is believed to be beneficial for people at risk for heart attack, stroke and certain cancer types, there are risks that have to be weighed.

5 Things to Know About Lactic Acid in Skin Care

Do you want beautiful skin? Check out the various ways lactic acid can improve your skin. Do these tips for great skin using lactic acid.

Skin Type Image Gallery

How much do you know about skin types? Do you know yours? Scroll through these photos to learn about skin types.

At a Glance: Foods and Acne

You've probably heard all the stories about foods that can cause breakouts -- chocolate, spicy things, fried foods and even dairy have all been mentioned as possible culprits. But are any of these really going to catalyze blemishes?

Foods That Change Smell Pictures

Foods can certainly change the way you smell. See these pictures to learn the foods most likely to change your smell to get informed (and prepared).

Foods for Beautiful Skin Pictures

What you eat can make a big difference in your health and appearance. See these pictures to learn about foods that are great for your skin.

Quick Tips: 5 Vegetables that Help Your Skin

You might have complained if your mom tried to make you eat peas as a kid, but she only had your best interests in mind. Vegetables are good for you, and eating the right ones can even help your skin.

Quick Tips: 5 Ways to Feed Your Skin the Nutrients It Needs

Unhappy with your dull complexion and sagging skin? Before resorting to surgery, try eating the five foods on our list to rejuvenate your skin and take years off your look.

Quick Tips: 5 Best Fruits to Help Skin

They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away -- but can it keep the dermatologist away, too? And what can other fruits do for your skin?

Quick Tips: 5 Supplements to Improve Skin Health

As the largest organ in the human body, the skin does a lot. It's a barrier, keeping germs and debris out while protecting what's within. Shouldn't you do your best to care for it?

Top 10 Foods for Beautiful Skin

Selecting the right foods can help brighten your complexion from the inside out or the outside in. So should you skip the beauty counter and head for the grocery store instead?