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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Coughs, Colds, Flu, and Allergies

Traditional Chinese Expectorant Pills

A cough with yellow or green mucus usually signal an oncoming infection. Traditional Chinese Expectorant Pills are formulated to eliminate mucus from the lungs and prevent infection.

Chinese name: Qing Qi Hua Tan Wan (ching chee hwah tahn wahn)


Also known as: Pinellia Expectorant Pills; Clear Lung, Expel Phlegm Pills


Cough due to heat, with yellow or green phlegm that is difficult to expectorate


Clears lung heat, expels phlegm, stops cough


This is a standard remedy for coughs due to heat phlegm, a type of cough that occurs with heat signs, especially noted by the color of the mucus. Yellow or green phlegm that is difficult to expectorate indicates a hot phlegm condition. It is essential to use cooling, moistening expectorants to dislodge the phlegm and eliminate it from the lungs, otherwise a serious infection could develop.

Originally, the pathogen (the cause of the infection, or "evil qi" in traditional terminology) is often a virus. If the person's immune system fails to repel the invader, a cold or flu results. In the course of the illness, the lungs often begin secreting large amounts of mucus. If expectorants are not employed at this point, the mucus can build up in the lungs, providing a fertile feeding ground for bacteria, resulting in an opportunistic infection (an infection that results when the immune system is weakened).

If green phlegm, indicating infection, is present, Chuan Xin Lian Antiphlogistic Pills should also be taken (3 to 6 pills, three times a day). When the mucus starts getting lighter in color and the individual is able to cough it up without difficulty, the herbs are working. As in all infections, prompt qualified medical attention is essential if symptoms worsen.

In addition to herbal therapy, diet is essential in cases such as this. Sweets should be avoided, as they increase phlegm production as well as feed the infection. Light vegetable soups are easy to digest and help clear mucus, assisting the herbal formula. Do not use Pinellia Expectorant Pills for coughs due to wind cold.

Manufacturer: Lanzhou Foci

Dosage: 8 pills, three times a day

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