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Traditional Chinese Medicine for Coughs, Colds, Flu, and Allergies

Traditional Chinese Asthma Relief Pills

Traditional Chinese Asthma Relief pills are just one of several herbal medicines that effectively treat asthma symptoms. This formulation also strengthens the lungs and the immune system.

Chinese name: Ping Chuan (ping chwahn) Pills


Also known as: Relieve Asthma Pills


Chronic asthma and shortness of breath due to qi deficiency; symptoms often get worse after exertion or in the presence of a common cold


Tonifies lung and kidney qi, stops coughing, reduces phlegm


This remedy is a combination of herbs with dual functions: Not only does the formula clear phlegm and calm asthma, its tonifying herbs strengthen the lungs and make them less susceptible to attacks in the future. One of the tonic herbs is Codonopsis (dang shen), used traditionally to strengthen the lungs and spleen (which is associated with digestive function in traditional Chinese medicine).

Modern research has shown Codonopsis to have immune-system-strengthening properties: Its constituents stimulate the immune system and promote the production of interferon, which fights viruses and regulates the immune system. Another tonic ingredient is gecko lizard (ge jie), which strengthens the immune system.

Cordyceps, another tonifying herb with dual functions, builds vitality and aids in the dilation (widening) of the bronchial tubes to improve breathing and help clear phlegm. The Chinese name of Cordyceps, dong chong xia cao, means "winter insect, summer herb." Its unusual name derives from the fact that it is a summer fungus that grows on the body of a caterpillar that died in the winter.

This seemingly bizarre substance has a powerful ability to increase overall vitality. Some years ago, the Chinese women's Olympic team broke a number of swimming records; officials suspected steroid use, but all the athletes tested negative. It turns out that they were using the Cordyceps fungus to enhance their performance! Manufacturer: Sing-Kyn Drug House

Dosage: 10 pills, three times a day

If your symptoms include sore throat, fever, and headache, consider the Chinese herbal medicine described in the next section of this article.

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