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Animal Allergies

Animal allergies can wreak havoc on your immune system. Learn about different types of animal allergies, how to relieve pet allergies and more.

Pet Allergies

We all love our pets but did you know that hey can cause certain allergies to appear in the human body? Find out what you can do to ease the symptoms of an allergy due to a pet.

How to Help Prevent Allergies to Dogs

Your son is allergic to your pet dog and you want to know how to prevent the allergic reactions. This article will tell you how to help prevent allergies to dogs.

Top 5 Cat Allergy Symptoms

Cat allergy symptoms can sometimes look a lot like other allergies, or even a cold or flu. So how do you know if your feline friend is causing the problem, and more importantly, what can you do to make it better?

Are there any proven pet allergy treatments?

Allergies to pets can cause unpleasant, cold-like symptoms. Learn whether there are any proven pet allergy treatments in this article.

What are some feather allergy symptoms?

Some feather allergy symptoms are itchy, watery eyes, runny nose, sneezing and cough. Learn about feather allergy symptoms in this article.

What are some symptoms of allergies to horses?

Many people are allergic to cats and dogs, but allergies to horses can also cause irritation and discomfort. Learn about some symptoms of allergies to horses in this article.

Is there any way to treat an allergy to horses?

People can be allergic to horses as well as to household pets. Learn if there is any way to treat an allergy to horses in this article.

Myths and Misconceptions About Pet Allergies

There are many myths about pet allergies out there. Take a look at some common myths about pet allergies and find out what is actually true.

How can you better control my cat dander allergies?

It can sometimes be hard to avoid the cat dander that triggers your allergies. Learn how to better control cat dander allergies in this article.

What are some symptoms of allergies to cats in children?

Allergies are most often hereditary. Learn to identify the symptoms of cat allergies in children in this article.

Will an allergy shot help with an allergy to pet dander?

Many people suffer from allergies to pet dander. Learn whether an allergy shot will help with an allergy to pet dander in this article.