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Taking care of your health involves choosing a doctor and understanding how to best get the care you need. This section will help you deal with these issues and provide some fun and shocking facts about the medical field.


An ophthalmologist is a doctor who diagnoses and treats diseases and injuries of the eyes, such as cataracts and glaucoma. Most ophthalmologists are also eye surgeons. Learn about what ophthalmologists do.

Decoding 28 Medical Slang Terms

 Decoding 28 Medical Slang Terms

Doctors use slang terms to save time during their day to day operations. Find out what physicians are really saying when they use medical slang. See more »

 Allergist and Immunologist

Allergists and immunologists study disorders related to immunity. Learn how these doctors treat allergies and other disorders. See more »


Anesthesiologists are specialists in the use of drugs that stop pain. Learn about what anesthesiologists do. See more »


Dermatologists study diseases and disorders of the skin, ranging from acne to skin cancer. Learn about what dermatologists do. See more »


Cardiologists study and treat disorders of the heart and circulatory system. Learn more about what cardiologists do. See more »


Dentists treat diseases, disorders, and malformations of the teeth, mouth, and jaws. Learn about what dentists do. See more »


Hematologists study diseases and disorders of the blood and the blood-forming tissues. Learn about what hematologists do. See more »


An internist deals with the diagnosis and treatment of diseases of adults. Learn more about what internists do. See more »


Nephrologists specialize in treating kidney disorders. Find out about what nephrologists do. See more »


Neurologists study the field of medical science that is concerned with the nervous system. Learn about what neurologists do. See more »