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Healthcare System

Taking care of your health involves choosing a doctor and understanding how to best get the care you need. This section will help you deal with these issues and provide some fun and shocking facts about the medical field.


Epidemiologists study the outbreak, frequency, distribution, and control of communicable diseases. In addition, epidemiologists deal with the conditions under which certain diseases flourish. Find out more about what epidemiologists do.

10 Most Famous Nurses in History

Do you know some of the most famous nurses in history? Take a look at 10 of the most famous nurses in history that pioneered the modern nursing field. See more »

10 Cool Things About Being a Medical Examiner

What are the perks of being a medical examiner? Here are the 10 cool things about being a medical examiner at HowStuffWorks. See more »

5 Things You Didn't Know About Being a Prison Doctor

Being a prison doctor seems like a dangerous job, but most inmates are glad to get medical care. Learn five interesting things about prison doctors. See more »

What is a compounding pharmacist? Learn how a compounding pharmacist allows a physician to prescribe a very specific medication to a patient. See more »

Top 10 Tips for Talking to a Pediatrician

The top 10 tips for talking to a pediatrician help you get the right information. Visit HowStuffWorks to see the top 10 tips for talking to a pediatrician. See more »

How to choose a good doctor is good information to know for your overall health. Learn more about how to choose a good doctor from HowStuffWorks. See more »

Benefit Waiting Periods

Benefit waiting periods are how long you have to wait before health care coverage can begin. Read about the types and rules of benefit waiting periods. See more »

Elective Procedures

Elective procedures are not medically necessary to keep you alive, but may enhance your life. See explanations and types of elective procedures. See more »

Decoding 28 Medical Slang Terms

Doctors use slang terms to save time during their day to day operations. Find out what physicians are really saying when they use medical slang. See more »

Allergists and immunologists study disorders related to immunity. Learn how these doctors treat allergies and other disorders. See more »