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10 Most Absurd Fad Diets

People will go to crazy extremes to try to get slim. Would you ingest a parasite to fit into your skinny jeans?


We all know that sweating is necessary to keep our bodies cool, but for people with excessively sweaty feet, there's nothing cool about it. Nearly 1 percent of Americans have this problem, so what can they do? Are there antiperspirants for your feet?

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How can men find the best body wash for them?

In a previous era, if you'd asked your fellow cowboys for help choosing a body wash, they'd probably knock you off your horse. But times have changed, and men have more options for getting clean than ever. So how do you choose the best body wash?

5 Ways to Keep Up Your Hygiene in the Workplace

You can't do much about the smell of microwaved fish or your coworker's cologne wafting through the hallways at work. But keeping up your own personal hygiene means you won't add to the melting pot of office odors. How can you keep clean at work?

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