It seems alternative medicine is sweeping the country but alternative medical treatments have been around for centuries. Our extensive alternative medicine library covers acne to alcoholism and insomnia to lupus.

L-arginine: What You Need to Know

This guy looks good with his rippling abs, immense pecs and biceps, and zero percent body fat. He points confidently to the camera and announces it's all due to daily supplements of an incredible little amino acid, L-arginine. But can you trust him?

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  • Acetyl-L Carnitine Overview

    Acetyl-L Carnitine Overview

    Better mental function and weight loss in the same bottle. It's an appealing proposition, and one that the proponents of acetyl-L-carnitine make regularly. Whether these claims hold any water is a murkier issue. See more »

  • Acupuncture Overview

    Acupuncture Overview

    Eastern medical philosophy focuses on stimulating some of the 2000 of the body's acupuncture points with needles or pressure to relieve obstructions in energy flow. Read more about this ancient treatment as well as the Western view of its validity. See more »

  • Alpha Lipoic Acid: What You Need to Know

    Alpha Lipoic Acid: What You Need to Know

    For 20 years, ALA supplements have been used to treat a variety of medical conditions including HIV, cancer, hepatitis, vascular disease, diabetes, multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer's. Some doctors believe ALA can even help slow the aging process. See more »

  • Ayurveda Overview

    Ayurveda Overview

    According to Ayurveda, each person is born with a unique composition of the three doshas -- vata, pitta and kapha -- that determine our physical and psychological makeup. See more »

  • Bromelain: What You Need to Know

    Bromelain: What You Need to Know

    Bromelain -- a protein-digesting enzyme that's found in pineapple juice and stems -- has many health benefits. Some of these include the ability to reduce swelling, aid in digestion and relieve mild pain associated with osteoarthritis. See more »

  • Can prayer heal people?

    Can prayer heal people?

    Praying may help you be healthier, but what happens when someone prays for you? Is it possible to quantify the power of prayer? See more »

  • Chromium Picolinate: What You Need to Know

    Chromium Picolinate: What You Need to Know

    People will try almost anything to lose weight. Diet and exercise may be proven, but somehow, that strange new pill or supplement seems so much more appealing. Enter chromium picolinate. See more »

  • Coconut Oil

    Coconut Oil

    Gorgeous South Pacific beach bodies. A conspiracy theory. A substance that could help treat deadly viruses. A natural fountain of youth. The latest James Bond movie? Nope -- the saga of coconut oil. See more »

  • Cod Liver Oil

    Cod Liver Oil

    Cod liver oil offers many potential health benefits, including relief from pain, arthritis and possibly even Alzheimer's. But it shouldn't be taken without first consulting your physician and becoming aware of its side effects. See more »

  • Colloidal Silver: What You Need to Know

    Colloidal Silver: What You Need to Know

    Some people believe that colloidal silver has great healing properties -- such as relief from viruses and skin irritation. Others have found it to be unsafe and ineffective. It's true that colloidal silver could turn your skin blue, but why? See more »

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