Pregnancy Diet and Exercise

Maintaining a good diet and exercise routine during pregnancy promotes the health of the mother and baby. Learn about practicing a healthy diet and safe exercise during pregnancy.

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Ask almost any pregnant woman about eating for two, and she'll probably tell you this: It's not as much fun as it seems, and it's not all about eating extra Ho-Hos and cookie dough. Which foods should a pregnant woman eat, and which should she avoid?

By Julia Layton

Between morning sickness, food cravings and concerns about your and the baby's health, maintaining a good diet during pregnancy can be confusing. Learn about choosing the proper pregnancy diet.

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Studies show that the earlier in pregnancy a woman gets regular exercise, the more comfortable she is likely to feel throughout the nine months. Learn how to exercise during pregnancy to promote your and your baby's health.

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Whether you're already expecting, or planning ahead, getting the right nutrients can help ensure a healthy baby. Learn about the importance of folic acid.

By Richard H. Schwarz

Exercises that you do during pregnancy don't have to be substantially different from the exercise you normally do to maintain and improve your fitness. But there are some general guidelines for exercise during pregnancy, as well as some helpful tips to keep you safe.