Vitamin and Supplement Facts

Vitamin and supplement facts can help you determine whether you need to complement your diet. Read up on the facts before you head to the store.


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Benefits of Vitamin A

The benefits of vitamin A are numerous. Click here to learn about the benefits of vitamin A.

Foods that Contain Vitamin A

What are some foods that contain vitamin A? Click here to to see a list of foods high in vitamin A.

Vitamin A Deficiency

Vitamin A deficiency can have serious effects. Click here to learn all about vitamin A deficiency.

Vitamin A Supplements

Vitamin A supplements can help prevent deficiency. Click here to learn about vitamin A supplements.

What are carotenoids?

What are carotenoids? Click here to learn exactly what carotenoids are.

Vitamin E Overview

This vitamin E overview covers the benefits and sources of vitamin E, as well as what it means to have a vitamin E deficiency. Learn all about this important vitamin.

What is vitamin E?

What is vitamin E? Click here to learn exactly what vitamin E is.

Benefits of Vitamin E

The benefits of vitamin E are numerous. Click here to learn the benefits of vitamin E.

Vitamin E Deficiency

Vitamin E deficiency can have serious effects. Click here to learn about vitamin E deficiency.

Vitamin E Supplements

Vitamin E supplements can help prevent deficiency. Click here to learn all about vitamin E supplements.

Benefits of Bilberry

Though bilberry jam probably had a minimal effect on WWII pilots' night vision, the fruit has since been linked to visual health. Learn about other potential benefits of bilberry.

Benefits of Boswellia

Boswellia, also known as frankincense, has become a popular herb recently for its benefits in fighting inflammation. Learn about the possible health benefits of boswellia.

Benefits of Chlorella

In many nutritional medicine circles, chlorella, a simple algae plant, is held in high regard for its health benefits as it contains several nutrients that can improve health. Learn about the many health benefits of chlorella.

Choosing a B Complex Vitamin

The vitamin B family targets some of the most common health issues, including fatigue, stress, depression, high cholesterol and brain and heart health. Learn about choosing a B-complex vitamin to promote good health.

CoQ10 Supplement

The skeletal muscles, heart, brain and other organs require Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10) to create optimal energy production for growth and repair. Learn why CoQ10 should be at the top of your regimen list.

Determining Supplement Quality

Nutritional supplements are typically available in four different categories, sorted according to quality. Learn about determining supplement quality according to grade.

Benefits of Fenugreek

Fenugreek is a potent herb that has been used to help treat elevated blood sugars, and it may be useful in treating a growing problem in America -- Type II Diabetes. Learn about the potential benefits of fenugreek.

Folic Acid Benefits

Folic acid, a member of the B vitamin family, has demonstrated benefits in a variety of areas. Learn about how folic acid benefits your body's health in a number of ways, preventing birth defects, stroke and cancer.

Importance of Iodine

Iodine is a mineral known to be important for thyroid function, but over one billion people may be at risk for iodine deficiency. Learn why you should pay attention to this often forgotten mineral.

Benefits of Lycopene

Red fruits and vegetables offer healthy doses of lycopene, which provides numerous health benefits to the body. Learn why you should include plenty of lycopene in your diet.


Phosphatidylserine can rejuvenate the cell membranes of the brain, improving memory, attention span, concentration, mood and depression. Learn about the effects of phosphatidylserine on the brain.


Ribose is a simple supplement with substantial potential. Learn how ribose may be helpful in maintaining heart health and treating fatigue.

Benefits of S-adenosylmethionine

S adenosylmethionine could be helpful in treating various forms and causes of pain, from arthritis to depression. Learn about S adenosylmethionine.

Benefits of Theanine

Theanine is found in green tea and is gaining a significant reputation among nutritional practitioners for its positive effects on anxiety. Learn about theanine, a supplement for soothing anxiety.

Can I take omega-3 if I'm allergic to seafood?

Eating a good balance of the right nutrients is a good way to help keep your body healthy. One of those nutrients is omega-3 fatty acids, which you can find in seafood. But what if you have a seafood allergy?