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Anti-aging Tips

While aging can't be prevented, there are many techniques to help limit the effects of the aging process. See how to improve longevity and youthfulness.

5 Ways To Age Gracefully and Healthfully

Most of us say we would like to age gracefully. But the concept seems pretty much out of our hands or in the hands of a plastic surgeon.

10 Anti-aging Foods

Most of us wish we could stop the aging process, but scientists still haven't found the Fountain of Youth. Certain foods, though, can help counteract the process aging has on your body.

5 Anti-aging Makeup Tips

Fine lines and wrinkles on our faces are inevitable as we age. And costly cosmetic procedures can lift, tuck and turn back the clock, but there are simple makeup tricks we can do at home that can improve our looks, as well.

5 Anti-aging Supplements That Really Work

Like it not, all of us get old. But does that mean we have to look and feel our age? These anti-aging supplements want us to believe we don't.

Do anti-aging lights really work?

No one wants to get old -- or look old. And there are light and laser treatments on the market today that claim to reverse the signs of aging. But can they really erase those years of wrinkles?

5 Steps That Can Help You Live Longer

Most Americans can expect to live until just shy of their 78th birthdays. But there are things you can to do to add five, 10 or even 15 more years to the length of your life.

How to Be a Healthy Centenarian

There's a difference between simply living to extreme old age and living a healthy lifestyle at age 100 or beyond. Researchers continue to look for patterns in the habits of people who make it into a second century of life. So how can you get there?

Are people more likely to live to be 100 in certain parts of the world?

Old age is all the rage these days, and the growing likelihood that we can live past 100 pushes scientists, sociologists and no small number of entrepreneurs to seek out the secrets behind longevity. Is where you live one of these secrets?

Do anti-aging creams work?

People don't care that wrinkles are merely indicators of past smiles, as Mark Twain once opined -- they'd like to get rid of them. Is anti-aging cream worth the money, or is it empty promises in fancy packaging?

Can a restricted diet slow aging?

A diet is a series of inner negotiations and brokered deals. You might pass on a second slice of pizza to fit into your skinny jeans -- but what if by giving up that pizza, you could live longer?