Yoga spans the body and mind as a holistic fitness routine. Learn about the benefits, forms and types of this ancient practice.


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How to Keep a Yoga Journal

Reap the benefits of yoga by keeping a yoga journal. We'll show you how to track new poses, measure your mental state and improve your yoga practice.

Quick Tips: Iyengar Yoga Explained

Iyengar yoga is a challenging form of yoga that focuses on precision.

Quick Tips: Raja Yoga Explained

Ratha yoga is a complete mind-body experience. Learn how a typical class works!

Quick Tips: What is CorePower yoga?

CorePower yoga is the newest style of yoga that tones and tightens while give you peace of mind.

10 Yoga Positions for Beginners

Become a yogi with the simple poses, or asanas, that promote flexibility and strength.

Ashtanga Yoga Explained

Ashtanga yoga puts your mind to work just as much as your body.

Bikram Yoga Explained

Bikram yoga takes your yoga practice to new heights, or at least high temperatures, with a challenging 90-minute class.

10 Yoga Exercises for Seniors

Yoga helps combat the effects of stress, fatigue and pain for people of all ages, and in seniors it can improve core strength and balance, reducing the risk of fall-related injuries. Which exercises are best for seniors' health?

Kitchen Yoga

If you find dinnertime stressful, try practicing 'kitchen yoga,' a practice that integrates the components of yoga with the tasks of preparing dinner.

Yoga and Religion

Yoga can be a spiritual experience, but most people who explore yoga actually discover that it strengthens and deepens their own faith. Learn about the ties between yoga and religion.

Image Gallery: The Art of Yoga

Take a look at these yoga pictures and see different uses for yoga and various poses. Explore yoga pictures.