Fitness Information

Fitness is an important component of overall health. Staying in shape lets your body's systems accomplish their jobs more efficiently, and you'll look and feel better, too. Find information about diets, exercise and weight management.

Compared to sports drinks, bananas might be tops at helping us power through workouts and heal faster on the other end.

Worrying can be detrimental to a person's health, but — in the right amounts — it can also promote well-being.

Take the stairs instead of the elevator on your way to the office, and you might not need that morning cup of joe for energy. (You'll probably still want it, though.)

Don't quit! You can accomplish your workout resolutions by taking some simple steps psychologists recommend.

It seems intuitive: Getting ripped at the gym increases your strength, right? Some researchers are challenging the link between muscle size and muscle strength.

Being upset isn't good for heart health. But being upset and working out like a fiend can triple your risk of heart attack.

You could be in for a surprise to learn about these five ways to burn calories and maintain your diet while preparing for the holidays!

Need some motivation to get fit? Our fitness facts just for women provide information on the benefits of exercise and tips for adding fitness to your lifestyle.

Just because your lazy, or simply not in the mood to "workout" doesn't mean you can't burn calories and even lose weight... the lazy chick way.

Forget about diet pills and green your fat burning routine with herbs and spices instead. Learn more about firing up your metabolism.

It's Sunday morning and you're out for a delightful brunch. You know that mile high stack of chocolate chip pancakes blanketed with maple syrup is outside of your diet, but you're just not quite sure how much.

Though the USDA Dietary Guidelines focus on food items, it also stresses daily exercise. The government has put physical activity on par with nutrition for achieving a healthy lifestyle. Learn about the USDA exercise guidelines.

Evaluating the state of your health is a complex issue, rife with approximations, theories, and guesses. Learn about the variables that intertwine to form the mosaic of your health and well-being.

Warm-up exercises both prepare you for a workout and promote circulation by loosening up your entire body. Find out how to prevent injuries by following these steps before you begin any intense physical activity.

For women, weight lifting can be as important as aerobic exercise. Learn valuable women's weight lifting exercises using our illustrated instructions.

Strength training offers many benefits, including increasing bone density and building muscle. That's why the USDA Dietary Guidelines stress the importance of resistance training. Learn more about the USDA strength training guidelines.

As recommended by the USDA Dietary Guidelines, exercise is an important part of any healthy lifestyle. But before you run or bike, it's important to stretch. Learn more about the basics of stretching.

If you have an allergy to milk, are lactose intolerant, or simply prefer not to drink milk, then milk alternatives can be your healthful milk-replacement solution. Learn about different milk alternatives and their health benefits.

New research shows that exercise helps keep neurons alive and stimulates cell growth. Learn about some of the studies published that link exercise with increased brain function.

It takes work and variety to keep the synaptic connections in the brain alive and growing. Learn how to get out of that rut and exercise your brain with mind games that create new brain cells.

At home or at a restaurant, Americans invariably eat more than their share -- and their growing waistlines show it. Learn how portion control can help you get and stay healthy.

Overdoing it early on, getting injured or not seeing quick results can all lead to quitting a new fitness regimen. Here are some simple rules to remember to help you prevent fitness injuries.

Before starting a new fitness routine, it is important to discuss it with your doctor. Review these questions about fitness so you're prepared to discuss this important health issue with your health care professional.

Exercise also helps prevent disease and extends and improves your quality of life. Learn about the many reasons exercise is important, even for seniors.

Swiss balls are a popular gym accessory often used for crunches and cross crunches -- but they can be used for lots of other exercises, too. Learn about a wide range of exercises that can be performed with a Swiss ball.