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Professional personal trainers offer their tips to help you target problem areas, lose weight and get fit. Get advice on how to improve your fitness routine.

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While women's lower body strength is often in line with that of men, their upper body strength can be half as much. Why is this, and are there any long-term benefits to this difference in muscle makeup?

By Cristen Conger

Fitness trainer and chiropractor, Dr. Greg Vanvakaris, has helped actress Annie Potts and other celebrities who need rehabilitation as well as regular exercise. Get fitness tips from Greg Vanvakaris to help you get in shape safely.

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The martial arts expert and stuntman behind some of your favorite action movies, Dave Lea has put some of the world's most famous models and actresses through rigorous exercise regimens. Get fitness tips from Dave Lea to ramp up your fitness routine.

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To Dan Isaacson, fitness is more than just personal training. He's a health and fitness expert who can transform your body and your health. Get tips on forming a simple, straightforward fitness routine that you can stick to.

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