Herbal Remedies

Herbal remedies are a safe and effective alternative for treatment of a range of conditions. It's estimated that nearly 80 percent of the world's population use herbs for some aspect of primary health care; explore our library of botanicals, herbs and remedies.


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Wormwood: Herbal Remedies

Wormwood is used in herbal remedies to kill parasites and stimulate the digestive system. The bitter taste triggers release of bile from the gallbladder. Learn more about wormwood and making wormwood herbal tea.

Yarrow: Herbal Remedies

Yarrow is used in herbal remedies for bleeding ulcers, heavy menstrual periods, uterine hemorrhage, blood in the urine, or bleeding from the bowels. Yarrow compresses can help treat bleeding hemorrhoids. Learn more about yarrow.

Yellow Dock: Herbal Remedies

Yellow dock is used as a laxative for those with maldigestion and low stomach acid. It is also used to improve side effects from a sluggish digestive system. Learn more about yellow dock.

Saw Palmetto: Herbal Remedies

Saw palmetto is a palm tree often used in herbal remedies for incontinence, kidney stones, and impotence. Learn more about using saw palmetto in herbal remedies to improve bladder and male performance issues.

Shepherd's Purse: Herbal Remedies

Shepherd's purse is used in many herbal remedies to stop heavy bleeding. It is often used for the treatment of chronic uterine bleeding disorders. Learn about shepherd's purse in herbal remedies to treat bleeding issues.

Skullcap: Herbal Remedies

Skullcap is used in herbal remedies to quiet nervous tension and ease muscle spasms. It also induces sleep and may help lower blood pressure. Learn about using this calming herb and making skullcap herbal tea.

Thyme: Herbal Remedies

Thyme is used in many herbal remedies for coughs, bronchitis, and common colds. Its ability to relax bronchial spasms makes it effective. Learn more about thyme and how to make thyme tea.

Uva Ursi: Herbal Remedies

Uva ursi is used in herbal remedies that treat urinary problems, including bladder infections. The herb is disinfecting and promotes urine flow. Learn about uva ursi and how to make uva ursi herbal tea.

Valerian: Herbal Remedies

Valerian is commonly used for tension, stress, anxiety, and nervous tension, as well as more severe cases of hysteria, hyperactivity, heart palpitations, insomnia, and tension headaches. Learn more about valerian and making valerian herbal tea.

Wild Yam: Herbal Remedies

Wild yam's anti-inflammatory properties make it a useful ingredient in herbal remedies to treat stomach and intestinal cramps. Wild yam also relieves flatulence and PMS. Learn about using wild yam as a herbal remedy.

Herbal Remedies for Arthritis

The pain of arthritis limits the movement and lives of many older individuals. Fortunately, there are herbal remedies for arthritis that offer safe, natural relief from pain and inflammation.

Milk Thistle: Herbal Remedies

A potent antioxidant, milk thistle is used in herbal remedies for liver health. Learn how milk thistle can help treat liver disorders and protect liver health, and check out a recipe for milk thistle-seaweed garnish.

Motherwort: Herbal Remedies

Motherwort is used in herbal remedies for mothers -- from conditions related to childbirth, to menstrual cycle regulation, to menopausal symptoms. Learn how motherwort can also benefit people with hypertension and lung problems.

Myrrh: Herbal Remedies

Myrrh has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antimicrobial properties, making it versatile for many herbal remedies. Learn how myrrh helps heal infections of the throat and mouth, and check out instructions for a sore throat-soothing myrrh gargle.

Nettles: Herbal Remedies

Nutrient-rich nettles have immune-stimulating properties and are used in several herbal remedies. Learn how nettles can treat eczema, arthritis, bladder infections and much more.

Oats: Herbal Remedies

There are more to oats than you know. Learn how oats are used in herbal remedies for skin and body, helping to heal wounds, treat rashes, soothe dry, flaky skin, and lower cholesterol.

Oregon Grape: Herbal Remedies

Oregon grape is used in herbal remedies that promote liver health and fight infections like the cold and flu. Learn how the oregon grape is also used topically to treat eczema, acne, herpes, and psoriasis.

Herbal Remedies for Arteriosclerosis

Commonly called hardening of the arteries, arteriosclerosis is a group of diseases characterized by thickened and hardened arteries. There are some herbal remedies that can keep this condition under control. Learn about herbal remedies for arteriosclerosis.

Slippery Elm: Herbal Remedies

Slippery elm is often used in herbal remedies to heal internal mucosal tissues. It's often recommended as for people suffering from prolonged stomach upset and chronic indigestion. Learn more about how to take slippery elm.

Lavender: Herbal Remedies

Cherished for its sweet, relaxing perfume, lavender is also used in herbal remedies. Find out how lavender can ease tension and anxiety, and learn how to use calming lavender essential oil around your home.

Lemon Balm: Herbal Remedies

Sharp and vibrant, the lemon balm plant is used in several herbal remedies. Find out how lemon balm can alleviate anxiety and stress, and check out a recipe for refreshing lemon balm sorbet.

Licorice: Herbal Remedies

Licorice is used in herbal remedies for a vast array of illnesses. Learn how the anti-viral and anti-inflammatory properties of licorice are used to treat ulcers, cold sores, flu and much more.

Marshmallow: Herbal Remedies

Marshmallow has been used in several herbal remedies for centuries. Learn how the roots, leaves and flowers of the marshmallow plant can treat bladder infections, sore throats, bronchitis and more.

Horsetail: Herbal Remedies

Also known as scouring rush, horsetail is a primitive plant used in a variety of herbal remedies. Learn how horsetail can help treat bladder infections and bladder weakness, and strengthen bone, hair, and fingernails.

Juniper: Herbal Remedies

Juniper berries have warming, stimulating and disinfecting properties and are used in many herbal remedies. Find out how juniper berries are used to treat urinary tract infections, joint pain and muscle pain, and much more.