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Tests & Treatment

Get information about the types of tests done to diagnose diseases and medical conditions, as well as the treatments that are available today, in this section.

Cholesterol Tests

Cholesterol tests have become fairly routine and painless, and they’re an important step in maintaining your health. There are a number of tests your doctor might use. Learn what these tests are and what the results mean.

10 Uses for Botox That Aren't Wrinkle-Related

Although Botox made its name as a wrinkle-filler, it was actually first approved to treat crossed eyes — and since then, doctors have found many other uses for it. See more »

Is That Prostate Cancer I Smell in Your Urine?

A new urine test can sniff out prostate cancer — and it's more accurate and less invasive than the traditional test. See more »

Diagnosing Disease Before It Begins, With a Little Help From Your T-cells

Sometimes doctors are just too late. What if diseases could be identified before symptoms strike? See more »

What is involved in hCG diet treatments?

In pregnant women, hCG causes the body to use up stored fat to provide calories to the fetus. What is involved in hCG diet treatments in this article. See more »

X-ray Pictures

Wonder what the inside of your body looks like? Take a look at x-ray pictures to see parts of the body and medical conditions under x-ray. See more »

How can acupressure relieve sinus congestion?

Acupressure is a simple and safe method of relieving sinus congestion. Learn how acupressure can relieve sinus congestion from this article. See more »

5 Things to Know About X-Ray Radiation

X-rays are used in a variety of places, from doctors' offices to airport checkpoints. Although the medical scans help doctors and patients around the world, they're not without risks. Here are five things to know about X-ray radiation. See more »

Would an ultrasound help detect fluid in the lungs?

A pleural effusion is the condition where there is excess fluid around the lungs; it can be diagnosed using ultrasound. Learn more about how ultrasound helps detect fluid in the lungs in this article. See more »

Where can you get a pulmonary function test?

Pulmonary function tests measure how well your lungs are working; they are performed in an outpatient setting, usually in a special lab. Learn where you can get a pulmonary function test from this article. See more »

Where can you get a bronchoscopy?

Bronchcoscopy is a procedure where a tube inserted into the trachea allows doctors to see inside your upper airways. Learn more about where you can get a bronchoscopy from this article. See more »