The Natural Medicine Channel details aromatherapy, herbal remedies and home remedies. In addition, the channel offers a vast amount of information on alternative medicine and traditional Chinese medicine.
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Nobody likes to be constipated. Read about tried and true home remedies that stimulate digestion. Find out how to adjust your lifestyle to improve regularity in the long term.

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Dong Quai: Herbal Remedies

Also known as angelica, dong quai is used to treat menstrual pain and scanty menstruation. It can be dried and made into a tincture or powdered and encapsulated. Learn more about how to prepare and use dong quai.

Cinnamon: Herbal Remedies

Cinnamon improves circulation in the abdomen and has a germicidal effect. Small amounts of cinnamon tea can be used to relieve gas. Larger amounts will cause a laxative effect. Learn how to use cinnamon as a herbal remedy to improve digestion.

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