You may not like the dentist, but keeping up with oral care can help you avoid bigger problems in the future. Learn all about dental procedures and dental problems to get your oral care on track.
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We all know things can go wrong with teeth. However, the good news is that most dental afflictions are preventable. Learn about the dental disorders that threaten your oral health and how to thwart them.

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Fact or Fiction: Dental Plaque

It doesn’t take long for a thin layer of cement to dry and become so hardened it has to be jack-hammered away, but when it's just poured, it's easy enough to wash away with some gentle force. Plaque is the same way. As it's forming in the mouth, it's not hard to gently brush, rinse and spit away, but once it's hardened, tiny "jackhammers" and more than a little force are needed to chip it off our teeth. How can we be hard on plaque and banish it from our mouths while it's still soft? Test your methods and know-how here.

Quiz: Are your dentures healthy?

Dentures have come a long way from the horse teeth of past, when they were made from, well, horses' teeth. And whether you're being fitted for a few replacement teeth or a whole-mouth set, wearing dentures has benefits and can return your mouth to its former glory. See if what you know about false teeth is true or false.

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