Thanks to modern medicine, we have at our disposal countless medications and techniques for overcoming health problems. Learn about recent innovations in modern medicine techniques and how they have transformed the medical world.
Are you prepared for an emergency situation?

Future Victor Frankensteins won't have to become grave robbers to obtain body parts. Instead, we're betting they'll take advantage of a rapidly developing technology known as bioprinting. What do you know about this crazy offshoot of 3-D printing?

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Are plants used in modern medicine?

It's hard to imagine that the pills handed to you by the pharmacist in the pristine white lab coat were derived from the darkest, muggiest depths of the rainforest.

How can a heart power its own pacemaker?

Almost 3 million Americans had pacemakers implanted between 1993 and 2009, according to Reuters. What happens when all those batteries need to be replaced? What if they didn't?

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