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Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction comes in many forms and can affect both men and women. Learn about sexual dysfunction and maintaining sexual health.

Natural Male Enhancements that Really Work (Plus Those That Don't)

Our Green Sex columnist ask what every guy wants to know, but none dares ask: Does natural male enhancement really exist? Learn more about natrual made enhancements that really work.

Sexual Dysfunction in Women

Drugs such as Viagra have done wonders for helping men function sexually -- but what about women? While no "magic pill" yet exists, a lot is being learned about female sexual dysfunction. See the details.

More of us are talking openly these days about sexual dysfunction and are exploring alternatives. Check out what we have uncovered about using alternative therapies for sexual dysfunction.

Couples who have been together often suffer from sexual dysfunction due to many factors. Discovery what you can do to invigorate a healthy sex life in your relationship.

Losing weight can be a big challenge and a confusing one with the thousands of diets and gimmicks to choose from. Take a more natural approach to losing weight with this information on nutritional remedies.

Common Sexual Complaints

Don't settle for a less-than-satisfying sex life. This information can help you determine where the problem is rooted and how to get your groove back.

Drugs That Can Affect Sexual Response

These drugs are known to adversely affect sex drive. If you're taking any of these prescription drugs, you may want to talk to your doctor about finding an alternative that doesn't affect libido.

In the final phase of lovemaking a woman often achieves orgasm. A persistent delay in, or complete absence of, orgasm that causes the woman marked distress has been labeled 'female orgasmic disorder.'

If your sex life with your spouse is just not what it used to be, it could be due to physical, emotional or mental factors. Learn how to fire up a sex life even as you grow older.

Learn more about the most common type of female sexual dysfunction, a hypoactive sexual desire disorder also known as HSDD.

Learn about sexual arousal disorder, including its possible causes and what you can do to conquer it.