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The human body is an amazing structure made up of many fascinating parts and systems. Learn about the human body and how its systems work together.

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Is urine really sterile?

"Pee on it" has long been the advice for a jellyfish sting or even a regular cut if nothing else is available. But is this really the best advice?

If you never burped again, would your stomach explode?

Burping can be gross, but imagine the chaos if all of that gas built up and your stomach exploded. Could it happen?

How can straining on the toilet kill you?

It's not a common occurrence by any means, but for people with certain conditions, straining to poop can have deadly consequences.

Can you hold your pee so long your bladder ruptures?

Now and then, we all have to suppress nature's call, sometimes until it hurts. But could holding your pee for a long time have serious consequences?

Are there any tricks to prevent vomiting?

Everybody vomits on occasion, but often the urge comes at the most inopportune times. Wouldn't it be helpful if there was a way to suppress it?

Can pressing your upper lip stifle a sneeze?

The urge to sneeze can come upon you at the worst times — say during a funeral — but luckily there are ways to suppress it.

Do vegetarians have smellier farts?

Accusing vegetarians of having smellier farts is pretty offensive. Do you need to know if you have any vegetarian guests for more than just menu planning?

Do you really need to poop every day?

According to the famed children's book "Everybody Poops," well, everybody poops. But does everyone poop every day? And what happens if you don't?

What does the body use water for?

Want to keep your body running like a well-oiled machine? Step aside, expensive shakes and supplements -- water's the thing your bod craves most.

What happens if you eat boogers?

Picking your nose isn't something we do in public. And chowing down on what we find in there isn't just frowned upon -- it's pretty gross. But what happens if you do eat your own boogers? Is it dangerous? Or can it actually be good for you?

What happens when you blow your nose?

When you have a cold or allergies, your life revolves around tissues. Your nose feels like a nonstop spigot of mucus (not your best look, by the way). Why do you constantly have to blow your nose -- and what's going on in your schnozz when you do?

Why do we vomit when we see something gross?

Have you ever seen something so gross it made you want to puke? Or actually puke? Your caveman brain might be trying to protect you. Find out why nasty things make our stomachs churn.

Why does tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue stifle a sneeze?

You're trapped in a quiet place and you feel a sneeze coming on. You try desperately to remember how to stop a sneeze, but it's too late -- ACHOO! Next time, try tickling the roof of your mouth with your tongue. Really!

Why do kids eat boogers?

Kids are pretty cute, right? Maybe not so much if you've ever watched one pick his nose and eat a booger — that chubby finger emerging with a treasure, quickly inspected and (ewww) shoved right into his mouth. Why do they do this?

Is sitting too close to the TV really bad for your eyes?

Are you getting too up close and personal with your TV? Your eyes might think so.

Why do we have 10 fingers and 10 toes?

So many notes announcing new babies start, "Everyone's safe and healthy with 10 fingers and 10 toes." But why do most folks have 10 of each?

Are There Really Arachnids Living In My Eyelashes?

If someone told you that oodles of arachnids are jumping (and mating) all over your eyelashes, you might be inclined to laugh it off. That sounds more like a scene from a horror movie than a scientific reality, right? Right?

What are eye boogers made of?

You probably don't give much thought to eye boogers, except maybe when you wipe them away. But you're about to learn a lot more about them (and while you're reading, you'll probably check your eyes for crud a few times).

Why do some foods give you gas?

The average person passes a good amount of gas — in the form of burps and farts — every day. Some foods, as you're surely aware, can increase this amount quite a bit. Why do some foods cause more internal turbulence than others?

What's earwax made of?

As anyone who's ever used a cotton swab knows, human ears generate a fair amount of earwax. But what exactly is the stuff, and do you need to make a point of clearing it out every so often?

Why do elbows itch?

If you have chronically itchy elbows, you're probably irritated in more than one way, as elbows aren't easy to scratch. For what it's worth, you're also in good company: A certain Civil War general shared your itchy condition.

Is what's in my belly button really lint?

Certain scientists have taken on the unappealing job of evaluating the debris that hangs out in the human belly button. What's hiding in your belly button?

Do People with Bigger Ears Hear Better?

The Big Bad Wolf told Little Red Riding Hood that his enormous ears made him hear better, but is that really true? Find out if size really does matter when it comes to ears and hearing.

10 Fascinating Facts About Flatus

Flatulence is funny, but there's actually some pretty interesting stuff going on in your body to cause it. After reading these 10 facts, you may never look at airplane travel the same way.

Do ears really grow your entire life?

Do your ears hang low? Do they wiggle to and fro? Could it be because your ears keep right on growing long after the rest of you has stopped?