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Guide to Being 29 Weeks Pregnant

While you might be experiencing less-than-pleasant things such as constipation and swelling in your hands and feet, take a look at the exciting developments happening with your baby during your 29th week of pregnancy.

Guide to Being 30 Weeks Pregnant

Welcome to the big 3-0 -- your 30th week of pregnancy, that is. You've got about 10 weeks to go until your baby arrives, so let's take a look at what's happening during the homestretch of your pregnancy.

Guide to Being 31 Weeks Pregnant

Fasten your seatbelts, ladies: While you may carry to 42 weeks (or, Lord help you, beyond), "full term" is just six weeks off. That means in a month and a half, you've got the green light to give birth to that tiny person you're carrying around.

Guide to Being 32 Weeks Pregnant

Feel like you just might burst? Hang in there: At week 32, you've got as little as five weeks until you're full-term, and just eight until you enter "overdue." You're nearing the end. And the beginning. And that baby is huge.

Guide to Being 33 Weeks Pregnant

What's the mind-body experience you'll have at 33 weeks? Every kick helps you count down to the day you'll deliver your little acrobat. The nursery's ready, but there are still some things to think about and some important preparations to make.

How can you prepare your child for a doctor's visit?

Children are often scared when they go to the doctor, and they won't cooperate. Learn how you can prepare your child for a doctor's visit in this article.

How can you prepare your family for an emergency?

A medical emergency at home can cause chaos and confusion if you haven't prepared for such a situation in advance, and time is of the essence. Learn how you can prepare your family for an emergency in this article.

How can you treat a sick child at home?

Often times, home remedies like chicken noodle soup can be very helpful in treating whatever ails your child. You can learn more about how to treat your child at home from reading this article.

Guide to Being 21 Weeks Pregnant

At 21 weeks pregnant, your little bundle of joy will arrive in just a few more months! Here's a guide to what's happening in your body right now.

Guide to Being 22 Weeks Pregnant

The second half of your second trimester can sometimes feel like the middle of a long road trip. What pleasant surprises does week 22 hold in store? Read on to find out.

Guide to Being 23 Weeks Pregnant

Here are some of the things you might be feeling, thinking about and wishing your partner knew as you head into week 23 of your pregnancy. And yes, the skin on your belly actually will stretch a little more.

Guide to Being 26 Weeks Pregnant

By week 26, your discomfort, anxiety and excitement are probably growing at similar rates. Baby is roughly, astonishingly, just 14 weeks off. So what should you prepare for now?

Guide to Being 27 Weeks Pregnant

If, up to now, you've barely been showing, week 27 could be your entry into the "obviously pregnant" zone. You're getting so close -- what should you expect during this transition between the second and third trimesters?

How can you be practical when your child is sick?

It's natural for parents to be concerned about their children's health, but when they are sick it's also easy to worry too much. Learn how to be practical when your child is sick in this article.

Guide to Being 20 Weeks Pregnant

You're about to enter your third trimester of pregnancy, and with all the changes happening in your life and your body, you might feel overwhelmed. Take a moment to relax while reading our guide to being 20 weeks pregnant.

Guide to Being 24 Weeks Pregnant

By the time you hit 24 weeks, the novelty might be wearing off. Still, you're nearing the home stretch, and believe it or not, this may be the most comfortable you feel until after your love bug arrives. So what do you need to know?

Guide to Being 25 Weeks Pregnant

Hello, 25 weeks! You're halfway through month six, and your baby's body is taking leaps and bounds toward the first breath, the first cry and the first grip on your finger. Motherhood is close. But what comes first?

How should you store your family medical records?

n the event of an emergency, important family medical information should be easily accessible. Learn how you should store your family medical records in this article.

When are the typical times teens will have sex?

While a common age for teens to have sex is 17, the trend is to delay. Learn about the typical time teens will have sex from this article.

Where can you find a support group for your depressed teen?

Although many support groups are available online, you may get better results from a face-to-face group. Learn where to find a support group for your depressed teen from this article.

When should you bring your teen to the OB-GYN?

Young girls should visit the OB-GYN even before they are sexually active, to check development and have the opportunity to ask questions about any concerns they may have. Learn when you should bring your teen to the OB-GYN in this article.

What should you do if newborns get the hiccups?

Babies get the hiccups relatively frequently. Learn what to do if newborns get the hiccups in this article.

Guide to Being 16 Weeks Pregnant

This is a big week for baby mamas! You might find out your little one's gender, and you can also start feeling your baby's movements. Also, it's time to book that babymoon you've been dreaming about -- you deserve it.

Guide to Being 17 Weeks Pregnant

Pregnancy is a strange and wonderful time at 17 weeks along. Sure, your gums are bleeding and you're dizzy all the time, but you've got life growing inside you! Find out what your little guy or gal is up to.

Guide to Being 18 Weeks Pregnant

There are no breaks in the action when you're pregnant. It's week after week of miracles and heartburn. Week 18 is no exception. What's going on inside you?