Female ejaculation?

Also under debate is the composition of the fluid (sometimes called female ejaculate) that is expelled by some women during orgasm from G-spot stimulation. Some researchers claim that it is urine; others assert that it is a substance corresponding to seminal fluid in males (but without the sperm, of course). Not all women with a G-spot ejaculate, and those who do, do not necessarily ejaculate with every G-spot orgasm.

It is relatively difficult for a woman to explore the G-spot on her own because most do not have fingers long enough to reach it. Inserting an appropriate, safe, clean object into the vagina is probably required for self-exploration. Or working with a trusted partner can make for enjoyable self-discovery of a woman's G-spot.

Through experimentation a woman can learn the type of stimulation that feels best to her. Penile stimulation is often more effective when done through steady and prolonged pressure, rather than with the usual penile thrusting, because the G-spot generally needs an intense and quite localized pressure. Gradually increasing the pressure will help identify the optimal pressure for erotic pleasure without causing pain.

Some women are able to climax simply as a result of this pressure; in others it may act to significantly heighten arousal. Rear entry and female-on-top positioning for intercourse can be effective ways to produce more direct stimulation.

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