10 Unusual Sexual Conditions

Exactly what is "normal" when it comes to sex?
Exactly what is "normal" when it comes to sex?
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When it comes to most things sexual, "normal" spans a wide range. Yet, many of us tend to spend a lot of time unnecessarily worrying about whether we're normal or not, whether we're thinking about our sex drives or how our bodies look. It doesn't help that there can be a big stigma associated with talking about sex, so you can't always compare notes with your peers.

Unusual sexual conditions, though, put some people clearly outside the norm. Most of these conditions are rare, but that doesn't matter much to you if you have one. It can be a huge source of physical and emotional pain, shame and embarrassment. In some cases, it's so difficult to deal with that the person's entire life revolves around it. There's not usually an easy fix or "cure," either.

Some unusual sexual conditions are present at birth, while others take time to emerge. We'll kick off this list of 10 unusual sexual conditions by looking at one of the latter, which might sound kind of fun at first: persistent genital arousal disorder (PGAD).