Are you suffering from sexual dysfunction?

Treating Women's Dysfunction

Non-drug treatments are often effective for women suffering from sexual dysfunction. According to Alan Altman, M.D., author of's "Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction in Women," these steps might return sex that's a pain into a pleasure again:

  • Have More Sex. "Use it or lose it" also applies to sex — with a partner or alone, sexual activity can increase blood flow and improve vaginal health.
  • Communicate Sexual Preferences. Respectfully communicating with your partner about personal sexual turn-ons and turn-offs can work wonders for mutual sexual satisfaction, as can changing up the routine once in awhile in terms of time, location or sexual position.
  • Add More Pre-Sex Stimulation. More stimulation by hand or mouth can help the female's sexual response (as well as helping with the male's erection). Ask your partner honestly if you want a greater fix of foreplay.
  • Make Healthy Lifestyle Adjustments. Stay hydrated, quit smoking, and undertake strength training and aerobic exercise to up stamina and improve sexual satisfaction.
  • Strengthen the Pelvis Floor Muscles. Vaginal weights, inserted and held in the vagina to improve muscle tone, can help some women with orgasmic disorders by helping awareness of sexual response and, in some women, stopping bothersome urine leakage during intercourse.

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