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Healthcare and Health Insurance

Whether you're choosing a doctor or trying to navigate health insurance jargon, these articles will help you understand the health insurance system.

Prescription Drug Basics

Many insurance plans have excluded high-cost drugs from coverage, cut down on refills and increased co-pays. How can you get the medications you need without breaking the bank?

Out-of-pocket Expenses

Out-of-pocket expenses are expenses that a health care plan does not cover. Learn about out-of-pocket expenses and the types of out-of-pocket expenses. See more »

Flexible Savings Accounts

Flexible spending accounts are accounts in which you can deposit a portion of your pre-tax paycheck. Learn about flexible spending accounts. See more »

Medical and Health Savings Accounts

Medical and health savings accounts are consumer-driven options that cost less over the long run. Learn about medical and health savings accounts. See more »

Deductibles and Co-pays

Deductibles and co-pays are the two basic elements to any health care plan. Learn about the difference between health insurance deductibles and co-pays. See more »

Understanding Health Insurance

Health insurance costs are on the rise, with the brunt of the cost paid by employers. Learn about health insurance and health insurance plans. See more »