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Anti-Aging Skin Care

Anti-aging skin care has improved greatly over the years. Learn more about anti-aging skin care at HowStuffWorks.

Get Younger-looking Hands

How can I get younger looking hands? Check out what we have uncovered about treating your hands and nails in this article.

5 Popular Anti-aging Supplements

Are anti-aging supplements the new fountain of youth? See if coenzyme q10, human growth hormone and other supplements really work.

Quick Tips: 5 Tips to Get Rid of Crow's Feet

Crow's feet are one of the inevitable byproducts of aging. But it is possible to keep them at bay for a while. Here's how to prevent of them.

5 Home Treatments for Wrinkles

If you think growing old gracefully is for suckers, we've got an arsenal of tips to help you boost your youthfulness. No doctor visit required.

5 Ways Your Skin Changes as You Age

Your body undergoes a lot of changes as you get older, and your skin isn't immune. What can you expect, and what can you do to keep your skin soft and supple as you age?

Do skinny people get more wrinkles?

There's an old saying that, as you get older, you need to choose between your face and your rear end. Is it true? Will your face suffer from your svelte shape?

Will eating collagen keep you young?

The word "collagen" doesn't exactly sound like the most delectable treat, but if it prevents wrinkles, who wouldn't eat it? Pigs' feet and fish skin can't be so bad if they keep you young.

Top 5 Natural Anti-Aging Techniques

The advancement of medical science has also led to interest in living longer and healthier lives. As a result, a cottage industry dedicated to longevity has emerged -- but how does one age gracefully naturally?

Can a cream really work as well as a face-lift?

Many facial creams come with claims of providing a "face-lift in a jar." Can they really tighten skin and wipe away wrinkles as well as surgery can?

Do some skin creams really reduce cellulite?

Creams seem like an easy solution to the cellulite problems that plague most women. But are these products truly miracles in a jar?

Anti-aging Supplement

In an attempt to look and feel young, many turn to anti-aging supplements. But do these drugs and therapies really hold the key to the fountain of youth?