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Skin Treatments

Skin treatments can help with everything from fighting acne to wrinkles. Learn more about skin treatments at HowStuffWorks.

Skin Firming Treatments

Worried about the appearance of sagging skin? From surgeries and lasers to lotions and creams, plenty of options are out there to help you firm up your skin.

Do antibiotics help with acne?

While some antibiotics can, in fact, help treat acne, the issue of antibiotic resistance is limiting our options. Learn more about antibiotics and acne. See more »

5 Important Botox Facts

Botox may erase wrinkles, but it can cause some serious side effects. See if this injectable fountain of youth works. Read these important botox facts See more »

Quick Tips: Lemon Juice and Freckles

Though you can't get rid of freckles, lemon juice may help you lighten them. We show you how to safely alter your skin tone with lemon juice. See more »

Quick Tips: How does safflower oil benefit skin?

Safflower oil is a healthy fat to use in your cooking...and your skin care routine. Learn how safflower oil can give you softer skin and prevent acne. See more »

Top 5 Chemical Peels

Do you know about the different types of chemical peels? Read on to learn about the top five chemical peels for your skin. See more »

5 Things to Know About Oatmeal Baths

Ever heard of taking an oatmeal bath? Here are the top 5 benefits to using oatmeal in your baths as a home remedy! See more »

Are foods that promote healthy skin also good in face masks?

Would foods in face masks benefit your skin, the same way as if you had eaten the foods? Find out if foods in face masks are good for your skin. See more »

Can you get spa treatments if you're pregnant?

Can you get spa treatments if you're pregnant? Find out about health and safety concerns to consider before getting spa treatments if you're pregnant. See more »

Can I get a facial while pregnant?

Is getting a facial while pregnant safe, and will it do any good? Take a look and see if it is worth getting a facial while pregnant. See more »

Botox: Fast Facts

Get fast facts on Botox and its medical uses, and learn about the possible risks and benefits of Botox treatments. See more »