Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the smell from essential oils to treat conditions. Learn more about aromatherapy, including what it exactly is, how to practice it and what role essential oils play.

Aromatherapy: Clove

Cloves have many stimulating properties in aromatherapy. This essential oil has antifungal and antibiotic properties, and can soothe a teething baby's gums. Learn how clove is used in aromatherapy.

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  • Aromatherapy


    Aroma means scent, and therapy means treatment. Aromatherapy, then, is the use of the fragrant parts of aromatic plants to improve your health and general well-being. Learn about aromatherapy and how to practice it. See more »

  • Essential Oils Profiles

    Essential Oils Profiles

    Essential oils, the fragrant, concentrated liquids extracted from the flowers, leaves, roots, bark, and fruit of an aromatic plant, are the main ingredients in aromatherapy treatments. Learn about essential oils and their properties. See more »

  • History of Aromatherapy

    History of Aromatherapy

    The history of aromatherapy is believed to have begun with the burning of fragrant woods, leaves, needles, and tree gums in ancient times. Learn about the history of aromatherapy and incense. See more »

  • How to Treat Common Conditions With Aromatherapy

    How to Treat Common Conditions With Aromatherapy

    Our aromatherapy treatments are for relatively minor problems that you would normally treat at home. These treatment recipes were designed for you to start making your own aromatherapy preparations. Learn how to treat common conditions with aromatherapy. See more »

  • Aromatherapy Chest Congestion Relief

    Aromatherapy Chest Congestion Relief

    Essential oils used in aromatherapy can provide chest congestion relief by loosening mucus, calming coughing and fighting infection. Learn how to create aromatherapy-infused vapor rub, soothing steam, and nasal inhalers. See more »

  • Aromatherapy for Depression

    Aromatherapy for Depression

    Fragrances can lift one's mood, so aromatherapy for depression uses the scents of essential oils to ease anxiety, paranoia, and mental fatigue. Learn how to use neroli or petitgrain and other essential oils as antidepressants. See more »

  • Aromatherapy Information

    Aromatherapy Information

    Remember the heady fragrance of a flower garden on a hot summer's day? These odors are the fragrance of the plant's essential oils, and these oils carry concentrations of the plant's healing properties. Learn information about aromatherapy. See more »

  • Aromatherapy Insomnia Cures

    Aromatherapy Insomnia Cures

    Make our ZZZZ Formula and get a good night's sleep. Using our quick recipe, you can make your own aromatherapy insomnia treatment, and you can tailor its scent to your own preferences. See more »

  • Aromatherapy Joint Pain Relief

    Aromatherapy Joint Pain Relief

    You don't need to spend lots of money on Tiger Balm or similar manufactured liniments for joint pain. Instead, you can make your own using readily available ingredients and our easy instructions. See more »

  • Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Relief

    Aromatherapy Muscle Pain Relief

    Make this oil and apply it yourself or, better yet, get someone to give you a massage with it to get rid of muscle cramps caused by exercise, stress, or menstruation. See more »

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