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Aromatherapy is an alternative medicine that uses the smell from essential oils to treat conditions. Learn more about aromatherapy, including what it exactly is, how to practice it and what role essential oils play.

Aromatherapy: Eucalyptus

Highly antiseptic eucalyptus oil has long been used to treat all manner of infections. This essential oil has antiviral and antibiotic properties, and can relieve joint pain. Learn how eucalyptus is used in aromatherapy.

Essential Oils Profiles

By becoming acquainted with essential oils you can improve on and advance your aromatherapy practices. Read dozens of essential oil profiles. See more »

How to Treat Common Conditions With Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy can be used to cure many of the common conditions you encounter every day. Learn how to treat common medical complaints naturally. See more »

Treating Insect Bites with Aromatherapy

You can use aromatherapy to treat insect bites and repel pesky biting insects. Learn how to create your own remedies using our easy instructions. See more »

Aromatherapy Insomnia Cures

No need to count sheep all night with our aromatherapy treatment for insomnia. Learn how to make it yourself with our easy recipe and instructions. See more »

Aromatherapy Joint Pain Relief

Learn to make an aromatherapy liniment that will relieve joint pain by relaxing your muscles, heating your nerve endings, and reducing inflammation. See more »

How to Improve Your Memory With Aromatherapy

Give yourself an edge next time you have to take a test. Use our instructions to learn how to make an aromatherapy formula to enhance your memory. See more »

Using all natural ingredients, this body oil is an effective aromatherapy treatment for menopause. Use our instructions to learn how to make it. See more »

Learn how to make this soothing body oil that will provide aromatherapy relief from muscle cramps caused by exercise, tension, and menstruation. See more »

Relieve headache pain with essential oil compresses and hand soaks. Follow these tips to get rid of a headache with aromatherapy. See more »

Herpes outbreaks can be shortened and some of the pain can be relieved with essential oils. Learn how to treat herpes with aromatherapy. See more »