Hair Removal

Hair removal can take its toll on skin over time. Learn more about hair removal and skin at HowStuffWorks.

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How often should I wax my legs?

Waxing can be a painful process, but millions of women spread hot wax on their legs to remove unwanted hair -- a process they often repeat every few weeks. But how often should you wax your legs?

Permanent Hair Removal

Many turn to permanent hair removal methods as solutions to body hair issues, without fully understanding the processes. Does "permanent" mean the hair is really gone for good?

How to Choose the Right Electric Razor

If you travel a lot or want to speed up your shaving routine, an electric razor might be the right choice. There are a many different types on the market, however, and it's important to know how a particular razor will affect your skin.

How to Choose the Right Razor Blade

Nicks, cuts, uneven stubble -- many of us run into the same shaving problems over and over. How can choosing the right kind of razor blade make things smoother?

How to Pick a Hair Removal Specialist

If plucking, shaving or hair removal cream hasn't worked to get rid of unwanted hair, it might be time to seek out medical help. What should you look for in a hair removal specialist?

Is it safe to shave my forearms?

It's common knowledge that people shave their faces, legs, armpits and chests, but did you know that some people even shave their forearms? Find out if this practice is safe.

Is it safe to wax my forearms?

From eyebrow waxes to Brazilian waxes, there aren't many places on your body you can't wax. But is it safe to wax your forearms?

Is waxing better for my skin than shaving?

Waxing keeps unwanted hairs away longer than shaving does. But is the sometimes harsh waxing process safe for all skin types?

What are the benefits of using a vibrating razor?

Do you find the idea of holding a vibrating razor blade near your face intriguing -- or scary? Companies claim the innovation gives you a closer shave by raising hairs on the skin, but do sharp vibrations equal good vibrations?

What can I use as a natural aftershave?

Aftershaves soothe and tone the skin, but they can also include scents and ingredients that some men find overwhelming. What are some simple, household items they can use instead?

What is threading?

A longtime beauty secret of the East, threading is gaining popularity among Westerners who want to tame their brows. Find out why many prefer this technique to waxing or plucking.

Which hair removal method won't harm my skin?

When it comes to getting rid of unwanted hair, not all removal methods are created equal. How can you tell which ones are safe for your skin?

Why do hair removal creams smell so bad?

Before you even place hair removal cream on your skin, the smell is unpleasant. And once it starts working, the sulfur-like smell gets even worse. What makes hair removal cream smell so bad?

Will shaving my chest damage my skin?

For many men, it seems less hair is more. Thirteen percent of men shave their chest hair, according to research by Philips Electronics, but can shaving chest hair damage the skin?

Will waxing my chest damage my skin?

With every shirtless man on a magazine cover exhibiting smooth, gleaming skin, it's no surprise that chest waxing is increasing in popularity. But can waxing your chest damage your skin?