Whether you're choosing a doctor or trying to navigate health insurance jargon, these articles will help you understand the health insurance system.


High-risk Health Insurance Pools

Most people with pre-existing conditions have a hard time finding health insurance. That's where high-risk health insurance pools come in. After all, if you're sick, you still need your medication.

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  • Catastrophic Insurance
    Catastrophic Insurance

    The whole point of having insurance is to protect yourself in case of an emergency, but you don't want to pay for coverage you don't need. If this sounds familiar, a catastrophic insurance policy might be right for you. See more »

  • Co-insurance Overview
    Co-insurance Overview

    Coinsurance is used in several different types of insurance, from property to health. The basic concept is that you and your insurance company share the risks. See more »

  • COBRA Insurance
    COBRA Insurance

    Most Americans are covered by their employer's group health insurance. But what happens if you lose your job? COBRA health insurance allows people to continue their coverage -- on their own dime. See more »

  • Deductibles and Co-pays
    Deductibles and Co-pays

    As health care costs continue to rise, subscribers are finding that their benefits are being trimmed while their co-pays and deductibles are increasing. So it’s more important than ever to learn how to get the most out of your health care coverage. See more »

  • Flexible Savings Accounts
    Flexible Savings Accounts

    Flexible spending accounts are accounts in which you can deposit a portion of your pre-tax paycheck. If you use it wisely, an FSA can help offset your out-of-pocket medical expenses and pay for your monthly health insurance premiums. See more »

  • Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act
    Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

    The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, or HIPAA, was enacted by Congress to help ensure both health coverage and privacy for patients. See more »

  • How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan
    How to Choose a Health Insurance Plan

    Choosing the proper insurance plan is a huge decision. To find out what kind of coverage you need, and to avoid paying for what you don't, there are several questions you should carefully consider before you sign on the dotted line. See more »

  • Inpatient and Outpatient Benefits
    Inpatient and Outpatient Benefits

    Thanks to advances in technology, more and more medical treatments are being made on an outpatient basis. But what qualifies as an outpatient service? How do they differ from inpatient benefits, and what does that mean for your insurance coverage? See more »

  • Insurance Claims
    Insurance Claims

    You've probably wondered what happens to all those forms you fill out at the doctor's office. Where do they go next -- and what happens if your insurance claim is denied? See more »

  • Insurance Exclusions
    Insurance Exclusions

    A health insurance exclusion refers to anything an insurance plan doesn't cover, from drugs to surgeries. Exclusions can vary, so it's essential that you get to know the details of your plan. See more »

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