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Female Reproductive System

The Female Reproductive System Channel answers your questions about parts of the female anatomy and how they function. Learn how the different parts of the female reproductive system work in this section.

How Vaginas Work

Why are vaginas so taboo? Researchers have shunned them for decades, which means we know much less about the female anatomy in comparison to the male counterparts. Does out of sight really mean out of mind? Not here, as we explore how vaginas work.

4 Reasons Why Menstrual Cups Aren't More Popular

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Migraine May Be Linked to Faster Estrogen Drops During Menstrual Cycle

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Space Menstruation Deserves Further Study

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Lena Dunham Got Us Thinking About Ovarian Cysts

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Can antibiotics affect menstruation?

Menstrual irregularities aren't uncommon when you're taking antibiotics. The culprit may not be the drugs. See more »

Why are breasts different sizes?

Why are breasts different sizes? Find out why different women have different size breasts. See more »

How Vaginas Work

How do vaginas work? Learn about the female reproductive system and how vaginas work. See more »

Are hormones in food causing early menstruation?

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10 Things Men Should Know About Female Hormones

Female hormones can be complicated and causes many changes in the body. See 10 things men should know about female hormones at HowStuffWorks. See more »


What is the definition of clitoris? Learn about female sexual anatomy and the functions of the clitoris. See more »