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10 Most Absurd Fad Diets

People will go to crazy extremes to try to get slim. Would you ingest a parasite to fit into your skinny jeans?


Tofu is not turkey. It doesn't taste like turkey, feel like turkey or smell like turkey. It can, however, make a smashing Thanksgiving centerpiece, one that's just as flavorful, tender and satisfying as the real thing.

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Squash: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Squash has a reputation for fiber. Eating squash is particularly satisfying, because the bulk fills you up, allowing you to forgo fattening second helpings. Find out about squash and weight-loss.

10 Weird-but-true Food Facts

Cheese never ceases to be amazing: You can set it on fire, store it in a bank or consume it with some complementary maggots. And that's just one of the foods on our list.

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