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10 Most Absurd Fad Diets

People will go to crazy extremes to try to get slim. Would you ingest a parasite to fit into your skinny jeans?

A Mediterranean-style diet, rich in olive oil, has proven valuable to the people of that region for thousands of years. Recently, its benefits have been scientifically promoted for weight management. Learn about olive oil.

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How does the heat index affect your nutrition?

Hot weather forces your body to work harder and burn more calories. And when it comes to training, an improper understanding of heat, humidity and nutrition could result in nausea, heatstroke or even death.

How Vitamin D Works

Vitamin D is an essential dietary element to prevent calcium-deficiency diseases such as rickets, but must be taken with caution because too much Vitamin D can be toxic to children. Learn about how much Vitamin D you need and why.

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