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10 Most Absurd Fad Diets

People will go to crazy extremes to try to get slim. Would you ingest a parasite to fit into your skinny jeans?

Nonfat yogurt is a good weight-loss food to add to a healthy-eating diet. Besides being very high in calcium, when added among other healthy foods, it can help you lose weight. Learn about nonfat yogurt.

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Rice: Natural Weight-Loss Foods

Rice is an important staple of any healthy diet. This food is an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and complements protein alternatives to saturated fat-laden meat dishes very well. Find out about rice.

Is milk good for you?

While we've been conditioned to believe milk is the epitome of healthy drinking, it's really a gamble -- it can be highly beneficial or highly detrimental. Learn the truth of whether milk is good for you.

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