Food and Nutrition

Food and nutrition affect both body and mind. Learn about all aspects of food and nutrition, from vitamins to aging to natural foods.

Today’s conventional wisdom is that a healthy diet does not include chicken skin, fatty foods or high fructose corn syrup. But how many of these food facts are just wrong?

Wouldn't it be cool if there were some magical machine that just sucked all the fat out of all the foods we like but still left them tasting delicious? Yeah, not happening, so what is the deal?

If you've got a constant compulsion to crunch on ice -- huge amounts of ice -- it could be a sign of anemia. What is it about having an abnormal number of red blood cells that makes ice so appealing?

Nonstick pans are out, cast iron is in. Read on to learn about the health benefits of cooking with cast iron and why we say it's a go for your immune system and your wallet, too!

Studies show that diet soda may pose health risks. We look at the research to see if artificial sweeteners are safe and if diet sodas pose health risks

Those with Celiac disease can enjoy these gluten-free snacks guilt-free. These tasty treats prove that gluten-free snacks can be healthy and satisfying.

Getting kids to eat healthy after-school snacks can be tricky. Try these six nutritious after-school snack ideas that kids will actually want to eat!

Use these seven Easter health and nutrition tips and be sure to enjoy a happy and healthy Easter holiday with the family.

What are the world's healthiest foods? These nutrient-packed items should be part of every day diet. Try our 20 healthiest foods!

Make smart decisions around Valentine's Day to enjoy a delicious and nutritious holiday!

What's on your plate for Thanksgiving? Calculate the calories in your favorite Turkey Day foods - turkey, potatoes, and more - and get nutrition tips.

Students need fuel that provides sustained energy for their minds and bodies, something that tastes good and won't get them ridiculed at the lunch table. Here are 10 foods that fit the bill.

It's not easy to get out on a cold day for a tough workout, but there's no need to do it on an empty stomach. Here are five foods to fire up your internal furnace.

Winning the battle of the lunch boxes is no easy task. But with the five snacks on this list, you'll have a fighting chance.

When you think of soul food, your mind probably conjures up comforting foods that are high in salt and oil. But you can enjoy the flavors and heritage of a soul food meal without unhealthy ingredients.

Tofu is a staple in a vegetarian diet, but it can also be a delicious addition to party platters. Get the scoop on creating creamy, healthy dips for your next soiree.

Making cranberry sauce from scratch will make your holiday meal healthier and more flavorful. Best of all, it's easy to do!

If you're planning a traditional Italian dinner for the holidays, it's the perfect opportunity to incorporate whole foods into your menu.

This meal before the meal is the classic Italian appetizer, and can feature an almost infinite variety of flavor combinations. Using whole foods will make it even better.

Mexican cuisine is delicious and flavorful, but it's not always healthy -- or unprocessed. For your next Mexican holiday, we've got some tips for preparing tasty Mexican dishes, whole-food style.

Celebrating with friends and family doesn't have to mean a break from healthy eating. By selecting quality ingredients and avoiding processed foods, you can upgrade your holiday meals without sacrificing flavor.

German food tends to focus on taste and large portions rather than waistline concerns. But with a few tweaks, you'll find some healthy dishes on your holiday menu.

When we celebrate, we like to do it with food. But whether you're the one behind the stove or at the dining table, there are ways to create a lighter version of your holiday favorites.

Need to tweak your menu to accommodate a guest who can't eat seafood? The key to a steady stream of rave reviews is just a bit of ingenuity in the kitchen.

We all know New Year's resolutions exist for one reason: to make us feel better for the way we eat during the holidays. Here are 10 comfort foods you can take comfort in eating.