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This little pink pill is being marketed as a solution to low sex drive issues in women, but the reboot is generating a lot of backlash.

A new study found that menstrual cups are greater breeding grounds for the bacteria that causes toxic shock syndrome than tampons.

Mom or mother-in-law live with you and hubby? She might be interfering with your reproduction rate.

The Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation will air a show in fall 2017 featuring live sex, but it's for reasons you'd least likely expect.

Using contrast dye dissolved in poppy-seed oil could be a cost-efficient alternative to treatments like IVF, new research confirms.

What could the future hold when man and machine meet? This piece of short fiction explores the science and the sensuality behind human existence.

Harvard researchers have developed a technology which may provide an inexpensive, easy way to test male fertility at home using a smartphone attachment.

Are we cuddling up to our smartphones instead?

Some mammals mate and reproduce at a specific time of year, but not humans. (Spring break notwithstanding, of course.)

Rabies spreads by making hosts aggressive and more likely to bite. Wouldn't it make sense for a disease to up our arousal urge to get physical?

Vasectomies traditionally have been the only game in town when it comes to a long-acting form of male birth control. A new option may be on the horizon.

The headlines suggesting a link between depression and birth control might not be telling the whole story.

A new app relies on women taking their temperature each day and entering it into an app to determine fertility. Will this new approach to birth control catch on?

Menstrual cups still don’t get much love from many American women. Why's that?

In the next chapter of 'Men are from Mars, Women from Venus', a new study suggests that sex can extend the lives of older women, but shorten those of older men.

A study showed a decline in male dog fertility over 26 years, which researchers think may be due to chemicals in the environment.

Humans are low-virginity, high-reproduction animals. Some of us go our whole lives with no action, either by choice or circumstance. How many people never have sex?

A new study found millennials are having less sex than Gen Xers did at the same age. But why?

A new study finds that estrogen withdrawal due to plummeting hormone levels might make women with migraine more susceptible to an attack.

A new study has shown the amount of Americans who report a same-sex experience has doubled in the last 25 years.

Only a tiny percentage of animals are socially and sexually monogamous, but that includes humans. A new study says ancient STDs may be at the root of the practice.

Say you're a female astronaut chosen for a three-year mission. That's 1,100 combined oral contraceptive pills you need to pack to stop your period. Is there a better way?

'Girls' creator was recently hospitalized with a ruptured ovarian cyst. What causes them?

Scientists say this zap to the penis is the first real alternative to the little blue pill in 15 years.

Study shows longevity is increased by castration.