Skin Moisturizing

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Looking for a natural do-it-all oil for your various skin care needs? Try sesame oil.

By Brion O'Connor

We put our elbows through a lot, especially when we lean on them too much, and this can cause a scaly buildup to form. What can you do to soften them up and make them appear less dry?

By Cherise Threewitt

Sure, nobody likes dry skin. But are all the ads for moisturizer simply an attempt to get us to buy more products by brainwashing us with scary skin propaganda? What would happen if you never reached for the moisturizer?

By Tom Scheve


That slick stuff is actually doing its best to help your hair and skin. Is this a case of the more oil, the merrier? Or should shiny, happy people shun oil-based moisturizers?

By Jacob Silverman

Unless you enjoy watching daytime television on NyQuil, there's nothing fun about having a cold. A red, cracked nose may be the biggest insult to a cold sufferer, as it's both unattractive and painful. How can you avoid turning into Rudolph?

By Molly Edmonds

If you're worried about the wrinkly, puffy eyelids that accompany aging, you might be slathering a moisturizer on your peepers at night. But is this beauty practice safe? And what kind of cream should you be using?

By Chris Obenschain

Chances are that if you examined your knuckles or your elbows right now, they might look as cracked and parched as a man lost in the desert. What forces does your skin battle in its ongoing attempt to retain water?

By Susan L. Nasr


Cosmetics companies offer special eye creams geared specifically toward the delicate skin around your eyes. Do these products give you better results than a regular facial moisturizer would?

By Jill Jaracz

Moisturizing skin can be problematic when it's sunburned and inflamed. How do you keep sunburns moisturized without pain?

By Josh Clark

For people who have oily skin, mattifying lotions can help reduce shine and give the skin a smoother look. How do these lotions cut down on oil to boost your skin's appearance?

By Jill Jaracz

Some moisturizers cost hundreds of dollars. These products promise to erase lines, wrinkles and dark spots. But can a trusty tub of petroleum jelly do the same thing?

By Cristen Conger


TV commercials make it seem like you should moisturize just about every part of your body -- including your underarms. But is it a good idea to put those specially formulated lotions on your cuts and scrapes?

By Patrick J. Kiger

Moisturizer helps keep your skin from drying out, and many people apply it at the first sign of dry skin. But is that really the best way to use moisturizer? Can you use too much?

By Josh Briggs

When we think healthy skin, we think rosy, dewy and clear. The word "flaky" is not on the list. If you're dealing with dry skin, the perfect remedy might be an emollient -- if you do it right, that is.

By Tom Scheve

Your feet endure a lot of wear and tear as they're getting you where you need to go. So how do your tootsies like to be treated?


With all the tasks our hands are responsible for during the day, it's no wonder they often dry out easily. Could moisturizing gloves be the key to keeping them soft and supple?

By Rebecca Regan

Moisturizing socks can condition your feet when they're dry and cracked. What do these socks have in common with disposable diapers, and how does that help them soften your soles?

By Gina Fisher

Moisturizer can help improve the way your skin looks and feels, but how often should you apply it to get the best benefits?

By Sarah Jourdain

If you have oily or acne-prone skin, you may avoid using moisturizers -- but an oil-free facial lotion may be just what your skin needs.

By Rebecca Regan


If you have acne, psoriasis, warts or calluses, a salicylic acid lotion may help treat your condition. But how do these lotions work, and how often should you use them?

By Sarah Rutland

You may have seen shea butter listed as an ingredient in your moisturizer or cleanser, but what exactly is shea butter? And why is it used in so many different skin care products?

By Mary Salisbury

Dry, itchy skin is a common problem for many people, but what causes it? You might be surprised to find out that something you do every day could be the culprit behind that itchiness.

By Matteson Cade

Whether you have dry, oily, sensitive, aging or acne-prone skin, your skin needs moisture. But what moisturizer is right for you?

By Christina Pander


If you want that summer glow without the risk of sunburn and skin cancer, try a sunless tanning product. Self-tanners can give you quick color, but skin-darkening moisturizers may give you a more natural-looking tan.

By Aida Duncan

Many who have some form of hyperpigmentation -- areas of darker skin -- turn to skin-lightening moisturizers to solve the problem. How can these topical treatments permanently change the color of skin?

By Jackie Weaver