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Kidney & Urinary Tract

The role of the urinary system is to cleanse the blood. Arterial blood is filtered through the kidneys and returned to the circulation. Learn more about how the urinary system monitors the concentration of salts and other necessary nutrients.

Kidney Stone Rx: Hop on a Thrill Ride

Roller coasters: They're super fun, and they could help you pass a kidney stone without medical intervention. Who knew? See more »

The Case for Paying for Kidneys

Currently, all organs in the U.S. are donated. A report says paying $45,000 per kidney donation would end waiting lists and save taxpayer dollars. See more »

Is urine really sterile?

"Pee on it" has long been the advice for a jellyfish sting or even a regular cut if nothing else is available. But is this really the best advice? See more »

Can you hold your pee so long your bladder ruptures?

Now and then, we all have to suppress nature's call, sometimes until it hurts. But could holding your pee for a long time have serious consequences? See more »

How Your Kidneys Work

The kidneys spend 24 hours a day, seven days a week filtering gallons and gallons of blood. But that's not all these little bean-shaped organs accomplish in a day. See more »