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Aging is an inevitable process that happens to everyone. Learn how to keep your body healthy and strong as you move into your golden years.

The baby boomer generation is staying active into the retirement years. See activity ideas and information on active baby boomers.

Need tips and ideas for adjusting to retirement? Take a look at these articles to learn about retirement activities and more.

Aging is a process everyone goes through. See how the aging process affects the body and learn what causes aging.

While aging can't be prevented, there are many techniques to help limit the effects of the aging process. See how to improve longevity and youthfulness.

Determining the best type of elder care for a loved one is an important decision. Learn about the different types of elder care and what you should look for in a care facility.

Empty nest is a time for parents to adjust to children leaving the home. See tips and information on transitioning to a new lifestyle.

Staying fit and healthy in the senior years involves proper fitness, diet and healthy relationships. Get information and tips for enjoying the senior years.