Aging is an inevitable process that happens to everyone. Learn how to keep your body healthy and strong as you move into your golden years.

They're living longer, love independence … and aren't buying health insurance. But that's not decreasing a need for assistance later in life with things like bathing, walking or eating. We'll look at five ways baby boomers are changing long-term health care.

Staying fit and active is important for the overall health of baby boomers. So when it comes to exercise, how can they benefit the most from their workouts?

Think all gamers are teenage boys living in their parent's basement? Think again. Baby boomers make up nearly half -- yes half -- of all gamers today. So what exactly is the 50 and over crowd playing?

With more than 40 percent of Baby Boomers on a social network, sites like Facebook and MySpace are no longer just for the kids. But Boomers are also creating spaces of their own. What are five of the most popular mainstream and niche networks for Boomers?

Just because baby boomers are retiring from the workplace in droves doesn't mean they're easing into a rocking-chair lifestyle. In fact, when it comes to new technology, boomers are definitely on board.

Millennials have been coddled, Gen Y'ers won't wear suits, Gen X'ers are cynical and Baby Boomers -- those folks can barely operate a cell phone. Generational stereotypes are nothing new, but they're also often downright wrong. What are five of the most common Boomer stereotypes?

Forget knitting, bingo and 4 o'clock dinners. Seniors these days are spending their golden years pursuing hobbies active and creative hobbies.

It seems to make sense that if we're involved in activities we enjoy, we'll live a longer, healthier life, right? A study known as the activity theory of aging set out to prove just that.

Your career is behind you, and the rest of your life awaits. But what should you do with all your spare time? Anything you want. And we have five activities that just might suit your interests.

Retirement can be a fun and exciting time -- if you fill your days and nights with fun and exciting things to do. We have a list of five activities that you can do to put some pep in your step and maybe even some extra money in your pocket.

Life isn't over in your golden years. There's still plenty to do and see, and a senior singles cruise may be just what you're looking for. Hit the high seas and explore your sense of adventure!

If you're a senior who loves the flexibility and freedom of traveling by RV, interesting and adventurous jobs await you at every destination. Take a look at our top 10 jobs for seniors with RVs.

When Marie Antoinette showed up for her date with the guillotine with gray hair, it was believed that her hair color changed overnight as she stressed about her fate. Does this old wives' tale hold truth?

People don't care that wrinkles are merely indicators of past smiles, as Mark Twain once opined -- they'd like to get rid of them. Is anti-aging cream worth the money, or is it empty promises in fancy packaging?

We all know the stories of child prodigies: Mozart started composing at 5, and Tiger Woods picked up his first golf club when he was 2. But what about the people who made their mark at a more advanced age?

Remember when "I've fallen and I can't get up" was the catchphrase of the moment? While the commercial was funny, falls in the home are anything but.

A diet is a series of inner negotiations and brokered deals. You might pass on a second slice of pizza to fit into your skinny jeans -- but what if by giving up that pizza, you could live longer?

People say they "slept like a baby" for a reason -- newborns sleep deeply and often. But that's not the case for the older crowd. Why does quality of sleep seem to take a hit as we age?

One theory of aging holds that unstable molecules are the cause, as they scavenge cells trying to snatch up the one missing piece to their makeup. How do we stop these greedy little electron thieves?

You're probably not wearing the same clothes at 60 that you wore at 22, so why would you be wearing the same eyeliner? HowStuffWorks has five ideas to freshen up your routine and help you put your best face forward.

The way to a longer life may begin with starving mice. It sounds like mad science, but rodents are providing us with a map to the fountain of youth -- and it may already lie within you.

As baby boomers reach retirement age, the need for caregivers is growing rapidly. Unfortunately, that's also meant a rise in elder abuse. There are signs you can look for if you're worried that an older person is being abused.

Do you imagine getting creakier and crankier as you get older? The way you view aging influences how you age. So what aging myths can be busted?

If your marriage can make it through midnight feedings, random acts of vomit and teenage angst, then everything after that should be a cakewalk, right? Not if you believe stereotypes about the empty nest.

No matter how old you are, friends are important -- some days, you just need a chatty coffee break. But it can be hard to get out and about when you're older. What's the best way to make new connections?