Ayurveda for Sexual Dysfunction

Dr. David Simon, Neurologist and co-founder, Chopra Center, La Jolla, California on the use of ayurveda as an alternative treatment for sexual dysfunction:

A lot of times, particularly in couples who have been together for a while and not feeling sexual, there's a lot of internalized anger and rage and disappointment with the other person, which gets expressed as withholding of sexuality, or the feelings of passion don't even arise. So, we talk about creating conscious communication. And there's very specific techniques, which are extremely valuable.

One technique which we draw upon is from the Native American culture, where we encourage couples to use a talking object. Like a talking stick that the Navajo tribe used to use. When they have a discussion or there's something that they want to talk about, they take turns while literally holding the object. The person who has the object can talk as long as they want and the other person cannot interrupt. They just have to acknowledge that they're hearing. And then when they're done, they pass the object to their partner. And then the roles are reversed. And it's amazing how giving people the opportunity to be heard starts to help to process emotional hurts that they've been carrying around and also opens up the possibility for intimacy, which then leads to sexual passion.

We also teach a lot of just basic physical techniques. Rather than immediately starting with how do we turn the person on, we recommend just do a massage. Take a half an hour for massage. Take a bubble bath. Put on some music and dance together for a while. Connect on, not just physical levels, but emotional, psychological and spiritual levels. And we often find that really has a lot of power in enhancing sexual energy. From an ayurvedic perspective, it's all sexual energy.

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